What makes YOU happy?

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So much of our lives are spent with 'must do's' and chores of everyday living, and too little time on activities that make us happy. I'm sure you'll have no problem giving me a list of things that you say will make you happy (or happier)? A new car, lose 3kgs, a promotion at work (or in my case, a trip to clothing shop Forever New)?
But actually is happiness short lived when provided by material things? The answer, apparently, is YES!
Studies say money, beauty, youth, intelligence and education matter less than self-esteem, social skills, free time, volunteering and humor.
In "This Emotional Life," Dan Gilbert says there are three key findings on the science of happiness:
  1. we can't be happy alone
  2. we can't be happy all the time
  3. we can be happier than we are currently
Humans are social animals; we need to socialise. The biggest predictor of happiness is the extent of our social relationships. A primary reason that our brains have evolved in the manner they have is so we can be social.
Gilbert also says "friendless people are not happy."
That group of friends that you had when you were younger dwindle as you age - and couples can't rely solely on each other for friendship. I have in some random notes on my desktop - that I can't remember where I got them from -the words
when did you stop singing?
when did you stop dancing?
when did you lose your love of story - yours and others and…
when did you lose your appreciation of silence
Happiness is a value at DK - and connection and friendship are important to us. You learn to dance - and you also become a part of a likeminded group of people. That makes us HAPPY!

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