Ballroom questions for Dancesport champion Timothy Coote

Timothy Coote


28th July 2020  (pictured dancing with his partner Emma Bowkett)
In the middle of Covid-19 lockdown 2.0 we asked some random questions of our resident Dancesport Instructor and champion competitor Timothy might be surprised at some of his answers...

What do you put in your comp bag?

My comp bag ranges from my clothes to 4 different pairs of shoes, many snacks for during the day and a small med kit because you never know when someone is going to fall over and injure themselves or if you just don’t feel well in general.

Describe your first day in a dance studio.

My first day in a dance studio, I was terrified but I kind of covered that up and tried to talk to people. I remember learning samba and quickstep as my first dances.

How did you become a Ballroom instructor?

I started assisting Monica while she taught the DK Teenage Evolve Team and she eventually gave me the freedom to teach it by myself, at first it was a bit scary but the girls were very nice and we began to build a good teacher-student relationship.

What are the best hairstyles for award/competition day?

In my opinion for ladies, a nice sleek bun (or a low pony tail for latin) is always flattering, nothing too intense but feel free to be expressed.

For guys: have nice and neat combed hair or if you want slick it back nicely with some gel, please stay away from man buns because it can be distracting.

What are your tips for flyaway hair?

Hairspray, a hair dryer, your hands or a comb and gel.

How would you choose the most flattering colour gown for yourself?

Well. As a guy, I don’t wear a dress but however, ask for opinions and see what people think and if you don’t like it, wear what you want to wear that makes you feel good.

What's the best student I ever had?

All the Evolve girls over the past couple of years have all been energetic and so patient and so friendly!

What are your tips for practicing at home/ in the studio/alone?

Find some space, if you have exposed wood floors try practice with your shoes but take caution.

How do you avoid fighting with your dance partner?

Just like a happy marry: just say yes to most things and find what routine or things work for you and your partner. Also a key point is to agree and disagree.

How does one get a dance partner practice partner/comp partner?

To get a dance practice partner/comp partner, there are a lot of options. There are Facebook groups, conversations, you could ask your teacher to put in a good word for you or you could do it by yourself and just approach someone and ask. Make sure they don’t already have a partner!

How do you deal with nerves on comp day?

Chocolate or coffee is your best friend!

What are some dumb things dancers do?

Not practice before a competition

Have you ever nearly stopped dancing?  Why?

It became more so a task rather than fun for me but I found the joy in dancing again after working hard on technique and gaining my stamina back up!

What's your dancing secret?

If you want lots of energy before a comp or a long medal day and a ball in the evening, stocking up on pasta the night before is always good and having a good hearty meal at the start of the day.

How do you become a champion?

Working hard is a huge point and be willing to make mistakes and get corrected on movement.

How do you become a professional dancer/dance instructor?
Finish your medals, ask any staff member!


David Rose
Studio Manager


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