The Myth of needing a partner to start Ballroom Dancing

Do I need a partner?

This myth is not true, you don’t need a partner to start! 

This is a very common question for new ballroom dancer learners and it holds them back from starting dance lessons as they believe that they need a partner to start. This is due to ballroom dancing being defined as ‘formal social dance with couples’ so people assume that you need to have a partner already. Well, we have good news for you, you don’t need a partner to start!


At DK we have a range of teachers that you can practice and learn with if you don’t have a partner. They will teach you the basic steps or enhance your dancing experience without a partner. DK also offers group lessons and socials where there are heaps of dancers who come by themselves and still come to dance as it is a chance to find yourself a partner.   


However, being a “solo” ballroom dancer it can be more beneficial to your success as a dancer compared to being in a ballroom couple, as you can…


1. Learn at your Own Pace 

It’s just you that you need to focus on, there is no one holding you back. If you’re just focusing on yourself you are able to improve your ballroom dancing skills much more quickly. You don’t need to rush to get up to the same level as your partner, you can take as much time as you need to enhance your dancing. 


2. Improve your Personal Health 

In general, dancing can help anyone with their personal health. Dancing can help with reducing stress or if you just need a space to get away from work or even your family! Dancing can improve your physical health and get you moving as well as increase your focus and memory levels. 


3. Schedule your Lessons Easier 

It is much easier to orgainse lessons when you are learning by yourself as you don’t have to check in with your partner. It gives a range of availabilities as you can suit it to when you want to dance and fit it into your daily schedule! 


4. Feel Positive about Yourself

By dancing with your instructor they can give you a relaxing and fun environment to dance in which can make you feel good about yourself and can increase your dancing skills, instead of being under pressure of keeping up with your partner. 


5. Meet New People 

Coming to group classes and socials “solo” it can give you a chance to soicalise and meet with other fellow dancers instead of just relying on the communication of your dance partner. You can dance with a range of different people and learn a thing or two from them. 


So can’t seem to drag your partner to lessons or force your friends to join up with you? Have no fear fellow dancers, just sign up to dance Ballroom Dancing by yourself, as you don’t need a partner to dance Ballroom!!