Online Dancesport Intructor Training

Change your career and join the rewarding and exciting world of a Ballroom dance teacher! Enrolments are now open for our next fully online Dancesport Teacher Training course which commences Tuesday 7th April 2020 at 8pm. Gain your Dancesport coaching qualifications with this online course from the comfort of your own home.

Weekly online theory training

Tuesday 8pm commencing Tuesday 7th April 2020, 8-9pm

Weekly online practical tutorials

Thursdays at 8 - 8.45pm commencing Thursday 9th April 2020


Includes interactive online training sessions with all the information required to pass the DSA Assistant Instructor level of coach.


Routines and written choreography as well as video demonstrations delivered to your in-box.


Teacher etiquette, beginner, social and bridal teaching and a host of bonuses to help you get started!


With over 10 years experience in Dancesport Teacher Training at Dancesport Kingdom, this is the course to launch your new career as a Dancesport Instructor. This course will prepare you for the Dancesport Australia Assistant DanceSport Instructor qualification. Each style is a 10 week course - and it is possible to join for one, two or all three styles.

Enrolment requiements

Candidates are expected to have achieved a certain level of proficiency in their own dancing in order to be accepted into the course. Recreational, Award or Medal students should be at a minimum of Gold, and Registered Competitors a minimum of C Grade. Students need to have a minimum level of movement, balance and style to pass the assessment at the end of the course. Contact us if you'd like to enrol but not sure if you are eligible.

Assistant Instructor Dance Course - Latin
$250 registration/ $55
per week, 10 weeks

1 x 1 hour weekly online theory training delivered via zoom

1 x 45 minute weekly online practical tutorial delivered via zoom

Teacher Training Notes and Slides

Syllabus Choreography

Video demonstration of your dances and figures required

The possibility of add on training in New Vogue and Standard Ballroom styles at the completion of the course so you can complete all 3 styles.

Note: DSA Examination fee is a your own cost.

You also need to know

This course is a teacher qualification that qualifies you to teach, and partner recreational and registered competitors In Teacher/Student events at registered Dancesport competitions. It is an independent course and open to students who are members of any studio, and does not guarantee a teaching position at DK or any other studio once completed. It is the student's responsibility to apply for positions once qualified. Students will be emailed the choreography and videos and will be able to be assessed online - if required, however this is dependent on DSA preparing online accreditation (currently in planning). There is some home study required and it is expected that you come into each week having already learnt the previous week's content. Homework will also be set for your to submit (or dance!). It is strongly recommended that you purchase or get hold of a set of the technique books ISTD (Latin American), Guy Howard (Standard Ballroom) and New Vogue by Russ Hesketh. These are available from M&M dance supplies in Victoria.