5 tips to ensure singles get sore feet at a social dance


5 tips to make sure singles get sore feet at a social dance

Why would I I want to get sore feet?.. you ask...

Because you NEVER want to be sitting down at a social Ballroom dance. You want to get asked to dance as much as possible.  You want to be asked to dance by the best dancers at the event!  You want to get sore feet from so much dancing!

How do you do that? Here's how...

  1. SMILE - yep it's that easy.  Your nerves at arriving and being on your own at a social ballroom dance can sometimes show in your facial expression.  Worry and concern can be translated into 'stay away' from a perspective dance partner, or at worst, have them label you a 'snob'.  Smile at every opportunity.  And when appropriate, have a great laugh too!
  2. Say YES!  No matter who asks you, always say YES if asked to dance.  A simple "Yes! I'd love to" is all it takes to get asked again and again.
  3. Be a wonderful dancer - take lessons, private if you can - to become the best dancer you can.  This goes a long way to towards being a sought after dance partner at social Ballroom and Latin American dance events.
  4. Don't teach or correct your partner.  Instead challenge yourself to match their internal rhythm  - and express delight at dancing with them.
  5. Turn up!  So many singles have expressed that they won't come to dancing without a partner.  If you don't even try, you'll never get sore feet!  There's always a chance you'll have a wonderful evening dancing, and you'll never get sore feet on the couch.

Happy dancing!