Social, medal or competition Ballroom? What’s the difference?

What's the difference between social, medal and competition ballroom dancing? Which is right for you?

Here's quick run down on what type of Ballroom you should try - depending on your personality and you goals.

Social Ballroom -

this type of class is aimed at students  wanting to learn to dance at social events.  To be able to ask different partners to dance and be able to lead and follow each partner to the music. Or for couples to attend social events and take the floor to any song that plays.  Social dancing is for pure fun,  and it's all about ensuing your partner is having a ball!

Medal Exams or Award Ballroom

classes are for students who want to feel even better to their partner, to improve the way they look and feel when they dance, and to learn more figures so their social dancing can be more stimulating, both to them and their partner.  These classes are great for those wanting to take their social dancing to the next level, and for those who like to be rewarded for their learning.  Medal exams are the best way to give yourself a foundation for teaching, performing or competition. 

Competitive Ballroom

is for students who love to pitch their skills against others in the hope of being the best.  These students want to absorb everything there is to know about dance, they love to practice, and then dress up and impress.  Interestingly, some competitors are not much into performing, it can be as much about wanting to be the most skilled as the best performer, although most become wonderful performers.

Monica Fincham is a ballroom champion and former competitive dancer and the owner of Dancesport Kingdom in Lilydale, Melbourne, Australia.  

Dancesport Kingdom is unique in that we offer teachers to meet you exactly where you want to learn Ballroom, and then we grow with you as you do.  There are some students who naturally stop at social dancing, and then others who commence there and progress through Awards and into competition. We have world class coaches who can prepare you for local to international competitions.  






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