Social Dancing

The Ballroom Club ...Friday evenings @ DK

Beginners Lesson at 7.30pm

Advanced Lesson at 7.30pm

Adult Social Dance at 8.15pm

"Worth the drive..." Josie

One of life's pleasures

Social Ballroom dancing is one of life's simple pleasures. Join The Ballroom Club, Dance Kingdom's weekly Friday Adult Social dance and dance the night away to traditional and modern Ballroom, New Vogue and Latin American dance music, meet new people or catch up with friends, and enjoy Melbourne's most glamorous Ballroom in Lilydale.

The dances we love are the Modern Waltz, Tango, Slow Foxtrot and Quickstep, the Samba, Rumba, Cha Cha Cha and Jive, and New Vogue dances such as the Merrilyn, Evening 3 Step, Tangoette, Lucille Waltz and Carousel plus so many more. We welcome friendly and social singles and couples who love to Ballroom dance.

" Love the experience you provide and the chance to experience social Ballroom dancing in the best studio with the best sound system and the best people" David

It's no problem if you're single!

We adore welcoming new dancers to The Ballroom Club, and we won't leave you sitting on your own all evening! Let us know you are coming along for your first time and we'll make sure you are comfortable and we'll show you around when you arrive. We understand if you feel a little awkward coming along initially, but we will do everything we can to help you feel comfortable and at ease. And we'll help you get as many dances as you can! Our Ballroom is also fully air conditioned so even in the middle of summer you can experience a wonderful night of dancing.

"I walk in to the studio and the troubles of my week dissolve. The music is amazing, the teachers so happy, and everyone extremely welcoming. All my concerns about stepping on someone's feet ended up being for nothing. Can't wait until next week." Sam


The Ballroom Club...Friday evenings @DK is a great way to practice what you are learning in your group and private dance lessons each week. This is also the chance for ladies and gents to practice the art of leading and following as they dance with different partners. The skills that make a fine Ballroom dancer are honed in this social dance situation - developing your confidence to take the floor at functions and events outside the studio.

"I love the dance floor, studio in general, friendliness of students, reception and teachers alike." Linda

"Dancesport Kingdom has great staff and friendly social dancers, who encourage each other" Helen

Perfect for couples as well.

The Friday evening Social Dance event at Dance Kingdom is perfect for you to practice what you are learning in your dance lessons. Although it's a social event, if you've come together as couple you do not need to dance with anyone else. You can choose to socialise or just dance the night away with one another.

"We both feel DK is a fixed part of our life and has brought us so much happiness – through the social dancing and great friendship and been a great learning experience which has greatly enhanced the latter stages of our lives." David and Joanne

Got questions?

How many dancers attend?

We regularly get around 50-60 dancers attending The Ballroom Club social ballroom dance, roughly 45/55 male to female ratio on most evenings.


I'm a single lady, are there enough gents to dance with?

YES!  Normally, we are roughly 45/55 male to female ratio.  As a single lady, you might sit out a few dances, but if you position yourself along the side of the floor rather than in the lounge, you'll get more dances.  Plus don't be afraid to ask the gents to dance!  And it's important to get up and dance all the progressive dance brackets, so you can meet all the gents and prospective partners.  We find that ladies who smile and laugh, and simply have a ball dancing, routinely have a full dance card!


What is the average age group?

Our Friday night social dancers are an average age of 45 - 50.  We have a group of younger adult dancers in their early 20's and 30's, and some over 60.  What sets our dancers apart, however, is that they are happy, possess a fun and cheeky attitude to life, an absolute love of Ballroom and are kind and welcoming to newcomers.


We are a couple. Do we have to change partners?

No you don't.  But if you feel like being social, we do have some brackets of progressive dances, that are a fun way to meet other dancers and couples.


Is there social dancing etiquette I need to know? 

Yes, click here for a link to social dance etiquette at Dance Kingdom


Do I need to know all the dances before I attend?

No, but if you are new then we recommend coming to the Introduction to Adult Social Dancing prior to the social dance.   If you need to brush up on a  few dances, why not join one of our group lessons or book a private lesson first?


I'm a beginner. can I come along?

YES! The Ballroom Club commences with an Introductory lesson at 7:30pm, perfect for beginners.  If you prefer, you can also learn in private dance lessons first..  Enquire here and we will find you the perfect way to start your Ballroom tuition.


What sort of music do you play?

We play a variety of traditional to modern music.


What is the dress code?

Click here to find out what to wear.

No shorts, singlets, thongs, boots or jeans please.


Can I just come along and watch?

It's fine to come along and watch, however social Ballroom dancing is not a performance, and we work hard to make sure all our dancers feel happy and comfortable at all times. Whilst you are welcome to come along to watch, the door fee will still apply, and because we are a friendly lot, be prepared to be asked to dance!

A Social Ballroom dancer's pleasure comes from the feeling as they dance together with their partner, gliding around the Ballroom, enjoying the music.  It is not strictly meant to be a spectator activity and we encourage participation for everyone who attends, which is where the fun is!


How do I pay?

Dance Kingdom accepts cash or eftpos, or if you prefer you can book online.