5 reasons why you should be taking Private Ballroom Dance lessons.

Group Ballroom dance lessons are loads of fun, a great way to mix and mingle with fellow students, and enjoy the camaraderie of the group, make connections within the studio, and learn a few dance steps.   But at Dancesport Kingdom we believe the only way to truly learn Ballroom dancing is within a private dance lesson, and then to supplement this with group lessons and practice.    Our students tell us that it is only in the private dance lessons that they truly learn how to become the best Ballroom dancer they can be.

Here are five reasons why Private Ballroom dancing lessons are the best way to learn.

#1 Everyone is unique

More and more these days schools we send our children to are realising that the classroom is NOT the best way for many children to learn - and in fact can be detrimental to a child's development and enjoyment of education.  That's because we realise more than ever that everyone is so unique;  our world views, our experiences, our goals and our way of learning and retaining information is just so different for each of us.  And because of these differences, each of our needs for learning cannot always be met within a classroom, or group lesson, as well as it can in a one on one teacher to student learning.

Adult learning is no different, and in particular artistic and creative endeavours such as learning Ballroom dance.  It is simply not possible to learn to Ballroom dance well within a group lesson.  In a private lesson your teacher can tailor your learning to you, provide information exactly at the pace the challenges you, that inspires you to persevere, helps you reach your goals sooner rather than later, and provides a vibrant and enchanting experience as you learn.


#2 At your own pace

Have you found that you picked up one figure up in two seconds flat, but find you are stuck on other one?  In a group lesson you are forced to progress at the pace of the group, and that tends to be aimed at somewhere between the middle and lowest experienced or paced students.  This means that the students with the least experience flounder as the pace is too fast for them, whereas everyone from just under average to above find the class too slow.  Either way, all but a couple of students are affected, and many drop out from learning prematurely due to this, blaming themselves.  In a private dance lesson, the learning progresses at your pace.  So it's a perfect pace for you, and simply the best way to learn.


# 3 Feeling confident

Ballroom dancing is a partner dance activity and as well as learning by sight and demonstration, you learn much of how to dance by feel.   It can be disheartening in a group lesson to dance with another student at your level who is also possibly floundering.  It can makes you feel awful, disheartened about dancing, and can strip your confidence and enjoyment.    It makes many students stop dancing, when in fact it has nothing to do with their potential or ability as a dancer.

In a private dance lesson you have ample opportunities to dance with your teacher, and can therefore experience how Ballroom is meant to feel.  When you dance with your teacher the dancing feels effortless, you pick up the steps exponentially faster, and quite simply dance better.  You rarely have the opportunity to dance with your teacher in a group lesson.  As a result, students who regularly take private lessons learn more quickly,  feel confident more quickly,  and start to enjoy their dancing from their very first lesson.


#4 Bespoke learning

As well, in a private dance lesson your teacher can feel what it's like to dance with you.  Ballroom dancing is such an physically close dance style, and requires a high level of coordination.  However many students taking group lessons only, have little idea how they feel to our partner.  We know we'd love to feel amazing, but do we?! I've found group only participants over time also pick up bad habits such as physically pulling or pushing their partners.

As you learn in a private dance lesson, your teacher will discover  where you can place your attention to feel more beautiful to dance with.  Do you feel a little heavy, does your arm grip his, is your head in the right position?   In a group lesson, this attention to you is simply not possible, and you may continue to dance with small, easily correctable, errors for years.  Most learning for activities that require an above average level of coordination is done with a one teacher per one student learning model.  Music, tennis, golf and Ballroom, are all learnt best in a private lesson.


#5 You don't know what you don't know

When long time group lesson students have started private dance lessons, they have been literally blown away by what they didn't know about ballroom dancing!  Technique, leading, following and styling that captivated them, improved their enjoyment immensely and helped them further fulfil their goals.   To dig deep into Ballroom and Latin American dancing can be addictive - it's a fascinating journey into how we can move our body, our communication with our partner, even into our moods and desires.  Private dance lessons students are reaching their full potential in a way a group lesson students never can.


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