The Buddy System – Practice made fun! – by Cassie Tucker

The Buddy System - Practice made fun!


Finding the motivation to practice alone can be tricky. Like with most things, activities done together are more enjoyable, more rewarding, and much easier to commit to when you know you have someone else relying on you. Finding a buddy to practice with can sometimes be that inspiration needed to get you through the studio door!

When I talk about a buddy, I don’t mean rush out and find your ideal dance partner (can there be anything more elusive?). You just need a friend, whether it be a social dancer, someone in your medal class, or anyone you like hanging out with. They don’t even need to be the opposite gender as you! You both just need a desire to practice dancing and allocate a time for your practice date.

Key benefits of the Buddy System:

  • Morale Support - Remember! You and your buddy do not need to practice the same thing. Sometimes, just knowing someone has your back is enough to get you both dancing
  • Fill-in Knowledge Gaps - Our brains can only remember so much from a lesson. With a buddy, you are twice as likely to remember information from a class
  • Feedback System - Mirrors are great for visual feedback but they can’t talk. A buddy can help!
  • Socialising - Dancing is meant to be a social activity, and what better way to spend time with a friend!

Leighton’s Elite Four (Jennifer, Frank, Bill and Linda) are the perfect example of friends practising effectively together! Why not make a social event of your dance session and incorporate a coffee and a chat into the mix?