What’s the point of dance medals or Awards?


What's the point of Ballroom dancing medals?

After you've been dancing for a few weeks and learnt a few introductory dances, the opportunity to complete medals (or Awards) will be presented to you in your Ballroom dance school.  Awards are levels of dancing where you progressively learn dance figures and technique to improve your dance knowledge and skills, leading and following.   But most importantly, they give your learning a system, where you can clearly see your progression, and where you are heading.  As a social dancer, you'll also learn progressively more and more figures to add variety and interest to your dancing, both for you and your dance partner.
Dance Kingdom has Award/Medal classes most evenings, depending on your level. Or some dancers, particularly as they achieve the higher levels, choose to learn in private lessons with their partner.  Either way,  four times a year you have the opportunity of performing your Award dances with your partner, or teacher and be assessed for your dancing.  The assessment form provides valuable feedback for you to improve.  And whilst performing the dances is not compulsory, we thoroughly encourage your participation in the Award system as you learn to dance.
Find out what dances we are teaching at Dance Kingdom next month here.  
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