“Own the Floor” – by James Uren

James Uren

James smashing his performance with his Instructor Angelica.

"Own the Floor"


DK Gold level dancer James Uren  describes how mindset made a Paso Doble performance of a lifetime.


"December 2019 - over the summer break I had the  opportunity to try to learn a new dance for the Summer Showcase, an annual event for DK dancers that allows us to break away from Award choreography and be creative with music, choreography and costuming. I had never done a demonstration Ballroom dance before - but at some point I had learnt some Latin American Paso Doble and was keen to give it another go.

Move forward eight amazing weeks and a lot of hard work, lessons and practice. My Instructor Angelica had mixed in some new choreography in with Award Paso Doble choreography and we were ready to go.

On the night of the Showcase, the atmosphere was electric.

The crowd was prepped and we were waiting to go on. I was nervous but pumped at the same time. I had a huge smile on my face but I needed to get the game face on. This is Paso Doble after all. I need to own the floor. Attitude is king. I am the bullfighter.

I don’t have a photo of the crowd... just a vivid memory. They were going crazy and it was just for me and Angelica. A truly amazing experience.

We danced and we put in a great show. It was fantastic.... we owned it. We truly had the crowd eating out of our hands.

Attitude is KING.  When you can... own the floor... you won’t regret it."