What is New Vogue Dancing?

New Vogue Dancing is one of the three Dancesport Styles in Australia, the other two being Ballroom (sometimes called Modern or Standard) and Latin American.

Put simply, New Vogue Dancing is an uniquely Australian style of sequence Ballroom dancing. What that means is that each particular New Vogue dance has it’s own set of steps, which, once learnt, you can dance anywhere, with any partner, with ease. As opposed to Ballroom and Latin American, where the skill of the leader is paramount to the success on the Ballroom floor, New Vogue is easier for beginners to master initially, as both man and lady learn the sequence and can dance it together.

New Vogue dances are categorised into different rhythms; the “Foxtrots” such as the Merrilyn, Charmaine, Carousel and Excelsior Schottische, the “Tango’s such as the Tangoette, La Bomba and Tango Terrific, the “Viennese Waltzs” such as the Tracie Leigh, Swing, Twilight and Lucille, and the “Marches” such as Evening 3 Step and Gypsy Tap. The term ‘New Vogue’ took over from ‘Old Time’ – and some of the older generation remember sequence dances such as the Pride of Erin.

New Vogue is a perfect style to concentrate on as you commence your Ballroom dancing journey. At Dancesport Kingdom we have New Vogue Classes for singles and for couples .

New Vogue Dancing

Monica Fincham (pictured), Founder and Principal of Dancesport Kingdom is a former National Champion in the New Vogue style of Dancesport competition.