Back to the Ballroom – Managing Mirror Shock

Back to the Ballroom - Managing Mirror Shock

Looking at the post-Covid you in the wall to wall of mirrors might trigger some returning dancers as restrictions on dancing lift and Ballrooms open up.  Self loathing at your lack of control during lockdown  -where you consoled yourself with food or alcohol, or busied yourself with cooking, is now staring right back at you in the face, and you're not happy.
Be kind to yourself at this time, and give yourself the permission to accept that you've got through the isolation and restrictions of 2020 with your health, and can now return to dancing.  Don't focus too much on the mirror, if you can, and instead focus on how your body feels, how the music makes you want to move, and the space and freedom that the ballroom gives you.
Take a deep breath and trust that with all your dancing, a fitter and more toned body will emerge in time, ready to take on the Jive, Quickstep or Samba routine with gusto.
Monica x