Mastering hip action in Rumba – for beginners

Hip action

Hip action in Rumba can feel daunting to accomplish - especially if you are new to Latin American.

But using these simple tips - you can commence feeling the music with your body and look and feel more sexy with Rumba Hip Action in your dancing.


Firstly,  everyone can do hip action, and most of us have actually done it inadvertently in day to day life at some time.  Stand like you are waiting for the bus, with your arms crossed and one hip settled out to the side.  Although your posture here might be poor  - and as a teenager you would have been told to lose the attitude! - you are actually doing hip action!  We call this Settling.

With an upright posture and tummy tucked in, try standing on both feet with them a little apart and let you hips move side to side like a chime on a grandfather clock.  Your head will remain at 12 o'clock.  This is a natural and easy action, so let go of any stress or strain in your body and let your hips swing sideways.   We call this Lateral Hip Action.

When this feels reasonably comfortable, and with your knees straight, now stop your hip when it is at one side.  Before you commence the next swing - take that next hip forward a little first before it swings to the side.  Then you are introducing rotation to the action.  We call this Rotational Hip Action. Continue this from hip to hip and you create a 'figure 8' action in your hips.  Remember to keep you head and still at 12 o'clock, and your shoulders should have minimal movement too.

As you feel more comfortable allow your hips to move freely with these actions as you dance the Rumba.

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