Life Stages and Ballroom Dancing

Social Dancing

Ballroom Dancing at different Life Stages

People from all walks of life choose to commence Dancesport, but there does seem to be certain times in our lives when starting Ballroom, Latin American and New Vogue dancing seems most right.  Below are the six life stages that most attract people to Dancesport.

  1. Engaged couples.  Dancing a bridal waltz is an important part of a marriage celebration and dancing provides a wonderful opportunity for couples to spend some time to have fun together before the wedding.  As well as learning to Ballroom dance, couples nowadays are tending to perform dancing floorshows for their guests worthy of YouTube fame.
  2. Empty nesters.  Your kids are gone and the two of you finally have some time to start living, choose some activities for yourself and start ticking off some latent bucket list items.   Ballroom dancing as a couple is a sparkling, romantic activity that helps reignite the passion you felt for one another long before the toll of work and bringing up a family took over.  
  3. Singles. Singles of any age find Ballroom dancing a social activity like no other, and a simply wonderful way to meet like minded people in a non threatening environment.  And the beauty is, most dance classes do not require you bring your own partner, as you can dance with other singles within the class, or with the instructor. 
  4. Kids.  Mums and Dads who did Ballroom themselves know all too well the value of Dancesport for kids, and the kids who are lucky enough to join a class find it builds their confidence, socialisation, fitness and coordination exponentially.  Those who go onto the competition floor also open up doors for exciting careers as coaches, choreographers, business owners, and performers on stage and cruises. 
  5. Theatrical dancers.  Dancers from ballet, tap, Jazz, contemporary and hip hop often transition to Dancesport and find a whole new set of dance skills to add to their repertoire.  They are often seen at Dancesport competition, as their previous dance training is extremely beneficial for the comp floor.
  6. Debutante Ball graduates.  Teens are often introduced to Ballroom dancing through their Debutante ball training, and find the experience so exhilarating they transition to a local dance school to commence dancing more seriously. 
Monica x