Ladies – keep your right side closed!

Ballroom Dancing

Ladies: Keep your right side closed to your man!

Ballroom dancing is tricky compared to other partner physical recreational activities ...primarily because we are moving whilst in actual physical contact with another person. And to make things more difficult, it is our fronts that are attached.  It would be far easier if we could face the same way (such as 'shadow position' in some New Vogue dances and some Latin American figures) as two bodies fit better when 'spooning' than facing.
However, whilst staying together in contact when ballroom dancing is a challenge, there is one simple thing ladies can do to help their partners stay in contact, and to aid rotation.  And it's something often missed by female dancers.
Ladies, you MUST keep your right side closed to your dance partner, at all times.  Opening your side even a little makes rotational figures extremely difficult, and makes it more difficult for your partner to lead or indicate figures to you.  I like to consider a small location mid right bottom rib, around the size of a 20 cent piece.  This point I try to keep up and towards my partners right side.  As we dance and this position naturally shifts,  I try to come back to there again and again.  This makes me an asset to the partnership, and more pleasant to dance with.
Monica x