Ladies Head Spot in Twilight Waltz


Ladies Head Turn in Twilight Waltz

Ladies in New Vogue and Ballroom dancing often stylise their dancing by turning their heads to the right.  Sometimes this head turn is done independently of body turn, but at other times, such as steps 7-9 (back, side, close) just before the oversway in the New Vogue dance the Twilight Waltz, the body should turn at the same time as the head.

The sway to right generated by these three steps (7-9) will mean that the lady should also turn her head to right.  However, as the body is turning also, I recommend that she spots her eyes towards a point high up on the wall in front of her at step 7, and then focusses on that spot as her body turns over steps 8 and 9.  That way,  her head turn is perfectly coordinated with her feet and body turn, as well as her sway, and she makes a complete, balanced and attractive head action.