It’s Never too Late to Start Ballroom Dancing!

‘I shouldn’t do ballroom dancing, I’m too old!’ ‘I won’t fit in!’ 
No matter what age you are, it’s never too late to start ballroom dancing!  Doing Ballroom Dancing can help improve many things physically, emotionally, and mentally. 

1. Improves your Mental Health

Beyond your physical health, dancing can also improve your mental health. It has been proven that dancing can improve your mood by lowering your stress and anxiety levels. Ballroom Dancing can also enhance your memory, alertness, awareness, and concentration. 

2. Can Strengthen Bones

Doing any exercise, especially dancing can develop new bone tissues which will make your bones stronger. Having healthy and strong bones can support and help your body to move around easier.

3. Improves your Posture

Dancing can also help your core muscles become stronger while also increasing your flexibility. Therefore this can help in developing an improvement in your posture. And having proper posture in dancing is essential as it can benefit your dancing by making you look more elegant and confident. 

4. Improves your Confidence 

As some people may have a lack of confidence in general. This can be improved by dancing in front of an audience or expressing your emotions through dance. Ballroom Dancing can boost your self-confidence!


Some people may believe that once you reach a certain age, you can’t learn anything new. Well here at DK, we welcome experienced dancers and new dancers, who have no experience at all. DK accommodates each dancer’s needs to help them reach their goal in their dancing success. At DK, we welcome all adults no matter how old you are. We have a range of classes that fit all sorts of age groups and interests. 
On Monday and Wednesday mornings, we have a Dance Exercise Class that is a perfect way to get your body moving you don’t need dance experience just the willingness to have fun! On Wednesday night we have our group classes where there are 4 different classes, including a beginner class. Each class learns a specific dance each month. 
Lastly, on Friday night we have our Ballroom Club Social! This is where you can show off your dancing skills no matter what level you are at! All teachers at DK are very welcoming and we try to invite everyone up on the dance floor! Prior to the social dance, we have our beginner class which focuses on helping our beginner dancers learn the basic progressive dances so they can join in at the social! 
Come dance with us at Dance Kingdom where it is never too late to start Ballroom Dancing!