Is it important to attend Ballroom dancing Masterclasses?

Better technique means a more exquisite experience for your partner.

It's true that when we start Ballroom dancing the most important aspect of our learning is to master the step pattern - or Foot Positions as your teacher will no doubt have explained.  But there is a stage where - in order to become the most delightful dance partner - it's important to hone our technical skills, and the best place to do that is in a dedicated technique class, or a masterclass.

In these classes you will generally not learn any choreography - however the class is dedicated to the small but important ways that you must endeavour to move your body, how you must lead and follow so that the experience of dancing with you is as good as can be.

Look out for and sign up to any Masterclass your studio offers - and watch your understanding of each dance- and your execution, improve exponentially. 

Dancesport Kingdom in Lilydale runs regular Masterclasses in Ballroom, Latin American and New Vogue for students so that they may become more accomplished movers and educated dancers.