How to lift your arms in Ballroom.

How to lift your arms in Ballroom (58 secs)

Lifting your arms to create a frame for your partner can cause you to lift your shoulders as well ...


And you do not want to lift your shoulders!

Lifting your arms to take up Ballroom or Latin hold with your partner is something we do naturally, however, we tend to lift from our shoulders and therefore they rise as well.  As this is not ideal, the best way to lift your arms before you dance is to rotate the elbow outwards so your bicep faces the front.  From there, you can lift you arms sideways or forward and your shoulders can remain nestled down your back - where they should be.  Check out this quick video to explain further.

Here's a quick video to help you create beautiful Ballroom topline with your arms.


Monica Fincham is the owner of Dancesport Kingdom and a former National Dancesport champion and competitive Ballroom dancer. 

"Lifting your arms correctly will go a long way to making you look confident and stylish as you dance"


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