How to achieve excellent Ballroom posture

Ballroom posture

Ballroom posture

Two quick ways to improve your ballroom posture

It can feel like a mystery how to achieve great ballroom posture, but there are just two key things that you really need to do to have the posture of a professional dancer.


Work your muscles involved in posture both up and down.

Firstly to achieve great posture you need to work the muscles involved in stretching in opposition.   For example, you can’t just think of stretching up tall –  you have to think of stretching some things up tall and work in opposition with other parts of your body.    Your head will feel like it stretching up to the ceiling, but your shoulders will feel down so they are working in opposition.  Doing this means that you’re going to become as tall as possible.   Opposition is a big key in order to have great posture.


It’s going to feel more exaggerated than you expect.

Secondly you need amplified the stretch, and it’s going to always feel a lot more stretched than what you think.   Your chest will feel up and out your shoulders will feel down and they’ll be some muscles involved in stretching really tall.  It never feels relaxed.  

I hope this is been helpful and happy stretching!