The benefits of our Ballroom Tuition Packages

At DK we wholeheartedly believe the only way to learn to ballroom dance is to first learn the dance steps, then refine your technique, and then practice! It's best to learn dance steps is within a group class situation, and mastering Ballroom technique can only be done within a private dance lesson. Social dancing provides a wonderful opportunity to practice new skills. To support your Ballroom dancing goals, we have packaged private lessons and group lessons, as well as practice opportunities in supportive membership options to suit your own goals. These include a private dance lesson each week along with your choice of dance class, and practice opportunities.

With tuition packages perfect if your are learning alone or part of a couple, learning Ballroom at Dancesport Kingdom will help you to become the best dancer you can, to reach your goal of feeling amazing to dance with, and for your to feel wonderful as you dance.

"Love our teacher, she is encouraging and positive" Kristen

Singles Tuition Package

Singles Tuition Package
Become a proficient and sought out Ballroom dance partner.
Week, direct debit

45 minute private lesson per week - at a time to suit you.

Friday evening group lesson each week.

Friday evening social dance each week.

Complimentary entry to 1 x BONUS 1 hour workshop each term.

Suspend or cancel at any time with 48 hours notice.

10% off additional Private Dance Lessons and Classes

10% Off Dancesport Kingdom Events

7 day 100% money back guarantee for new students

"My teacher is lovely and professional, although I am a beginner she patiently taught us every step and to alter the steps accordingly" Nicole

Couples Tuition Packages

Couples Tuition Package
Learn how to ballroom dance together, and feel amazing as you learn to move together as one.
Week per couple, direct debit.

1 x 45 minute private lesson per week

Choice of Friday OR Sunday evening group dance lessons each week.

Choice of Friday or Sunday evening social dance practice at week.

10% off Dancesport Kingdom events

Complimentary entry to 1 x BONUS 1 hour workshop each term.

Weekly videos of Ballroom tips and tricks to improve your dancing.

10% off additional lessons and classes

Cancel or suspend at any time for any reason with 48 hours notice

7 day 100% money back guarantee for new students.

"It's not a competition with others. Be yourself and enjoy dancing" Robert

Kingdom COMPETITIVE* Couple Membership 2019

Per week each

2 x 1 hour shared competitive lessons per week

1 x 2 hour practice class (except competition days and public holidays )

Complimentary entry to 1 x BONUS workshop each term.

Can suspend or cancel at any time for any reason with 48 hours notice.

*Recommended by champions*
Per week each

3 x 1 hour shared private competitive dance lessons per week.

Key (per couple) to Dancesport Kingdom Ballroom for unlimited practice (subject to class times)

Complimentary BONUS workshop each term.

4 x Tan per year

1 x 2 hour practice class (except competition days and public holidays )

Cancel or suspend for any reason and at any time with 48 hours notice

"Dedication is key" Stephanie

Got Questions?

Do I have to have the same time private lesson leach week?

Not at all.  Simply set up the first lesson by calling 9739 6011 between 2 and 5.30pm Monday to Friday - or emailing us - and let us know whether you'd like this time permanently.  If not,  simply set up the first lesson - and book the next lesson directly with your teacher.  We can be very flexible with times to suit you and your commitments.


I know I need to set this up online, but I'm terrible with computers? Help!

No problem!  We can set you up over the phone or in the studio easily with a debit/credit card or bank account details.  Once set up, you don't need to think about it anymore, and just relax and enjoy your dancing!


When do the payments come out?

The payments will be deducted each week on a Thursday.


I don't trust direct debit and don't want to give you my card details for safety reasons.  Can I just pay each week over the desk?

No, sorry.  Tuition at Dancesport Kingdom is only available by direct debit from a credit/debit card or bank account.


What if I get sick or go on a holiday.  Can I suspend my payments?

YES!  You can suspend or cancel your membership at any time and for any reason.  Just give us 48 hours notice.


What if I find I haven't used my lessons.  Can I get a refund of the lessons paid for but not used?

No, sorry.  We will not be able to provide a refund for funds already debited.  You can, however, use these for lessons for any time in the next 30 days.  Remember - if you give us 48 hours notice, we can suspend or cancel membership at any time.


Can I transfer my lessons to someone else?

No sorry.   You would need to cancel yours, and they would need to set up their own from scratch.


Are their packages for more than two people in a private lesson?

No, sorry.  But contact us if you have a group that would like to learn, and we will happily set the up for you.


Why direct debit?

It's really important to us that your dancing time is maximised and that your teacher can concentrate on delivering the best lesson they can in the time allotted.  In the past we found that teachers have had to waste time at the desk processing payments.  In supplying direct debit payments to you - your dance experience at the studio can be spent fully on learning to dance - with no time wasted processing payments, and teachers can concentrate on you and dancing!


What happens if my card declines?

If you card declines then we will send you an email letting you know.  We will attempt to process the charge - and inform you via email - each day for the next seven days.  If we still have not been able to process payment we will give you call.  You'll need to pay the instalment prior to your next visit.


What if I don't like it?

We are so confident you'll love being a part of the studio and learning with us, we offer a 7 day 100% money back guarantee for new students.