“But I can’t hear the beat!

“BUT I CAN’T HEAR THE BEAT!” Is a cry I hear from many students in their journey to learn dance, from ALL levels of dancers from beginners to competition champions! In this artiicle will de-mysify the musical beat so everyone can enjoy moving in time. All Ballroom dance music – but not necessarily all music […]

Everything you know about Ballroom dancing isn’t true…

When you think about Ballroom dancing you might form an immediate picture in your mind – either the old fashioned way Grandma and Grandma met, or the world of fake tan, false eyelashes and bitchiness of Ballroom competition. But everything you believe isn’t true…so I’m going to bust some Ballroom dancing myths. MYTH # 1. […]

11 things you MUST do to find a competition dance partner.

“I want to participate in DanceSport competition but I can’t find a partner!” If these are words are familiar – then ask yourself “am I doing everything in my power to optimise my chances?” Sure… there are many more girls than guys looking, but it’s also hard for guys to find the right girl! So, […]

3 Myths about Ballroom Dancing for Adults

I often hear adults express a desire to learn dance and then follow it up with one of these statements to ‘prove’ they are right in not pursuing dance lessons. Below are 3 common myths that Adult beginners express about Ballroom dancing – that have no basis in reality. Myth #1  “I’d never danced before, […]

How to compete like a Ballroom champion – even if you are just a beginner.

Now, there’s no reason to look like it’s your first year of competition, with these strategies to have you looking like a seasoned pro! Fine tune your technique – Lack of, or poor, technique is a sure fire way not to get marked in a Dancesport competition, and that’s why most competitors work tirelessly to […]

How to find a competition Dancesport partner!

“I want to do DanceSport competition but I can’t find a partner!!” If these are words are familiar – then ask yourself are you doing everything in your power to optimise your chances? Sure… there are many more girls than guys looking, but it’s also hard for guys to find a girl! So, here it […]

The worst thing men do when Ballroom dancing socially.

So guys, please don’t get me wrong, we LOVE dancing with you, and love it even more when you ask us to take the floor, especially if it’s our favourite dance.  We are so happy, and impressed that you dance! BUT, there is something that you do that we don’t like. At all. And we […]

Why Ballroom dancers have better relationships…

Ask Grandma and Grandad how they met and they’ll – more often than not – tell you BALLROOM DANCING. They tentatively glanced at each other from across the crowded ballroom, Grandad shyly strolled over to Grandma and offered his hand. They gently danced with each other and – POW! – they knew this was THE […]

6 surprising benefits of Ballroom dance for children.

6 surprising benefits ofBallroom Dancing for ChildrenA dance class with a difference!  1 ‘I wish I started Ballroom dancing later’. Said no one. Ever. What I hear more often than not in adults that have started dancing is a desire they’d had a parent who was a bigger supporter of the arts, or a time […]

Will my son be called a sissy if he learns dance?

In dance, girls have the advantage over boys in many regards. Not only it more socially acceptable for them to be learning dance, they’re more likely to do it with friends, their bodies are naturally more flexible and their hips give them superior technique. Dance for boys has a different set of rules.  We applaud […]

10 reasons why your first dance as husband and wife is so important.

As a dance studio owner of many years my teachers and I have taught hundreds of bridal couples coming along for lessons in the lead up to their big day. Whilst, for most couples, this dance is just a  part of this amazing and special day –  the way you approach the dance says a […]

4 compelling reasons why your daughter (AND son) should do DanceSport

Dancing for kids in Australia is not as popular as other – outside sports such as cricket, football and basketball.   But in many countries the value of dance for kids has been proven over and over as an effective way to improve our children’s well being. Are Aussies kids missing out?  The answer is […]

Learning to learn – why adults hate to be bad at anything.

This article was written by Frank Proctor – a teacher at Dancesport Kingdom. Learning It is quite a distance from my home to work and after many years of listening to the radio and to music while travelling I decided to try a podcast. After navigating my way through the not so difficult steps I […]

The DK Community – Connection is our value.

Here is a post from Frank Proctor – one of Dancesport Kingdom’s dance teachers. Cauliflower and Bacon Soup Get Well Soon Breakfast, and to top off my porridge I reach in to the fridge for some stewed rhubarb. This is the message that greets me from the top of the recycled container. What a nice […]

The Power of Dance for Kids and Teens.

In Australia, dance is not a mainstream activity for boys and girls. It tends be mums who used to dance who will enter their daughters in the activity, but are most boys and girls not learning dance missing out? The answer is a resounding YES! Dancing gets kids FIT! Firstly, dancing is a highly physical […]