How to count Cha Cha Cha music – made easy!

Why don’t you head to our Cha Cha Cha playlist and see if you can count for yourself! Monica is the director of Dancesport Kingdom in Lilydale, a former Ballroom champion and also an AMEB Grade 8 pianist. “A musical … Continued

“But I can’t hear the beat!

“BUT I CAN’T HEAR THE BEAT!” Is a cry I hear from many students in their journey to learn dance, from ALL levels of dancers from beginners to competition champions! In this artiicle will de-mysify the musical beat so everyone … Continued

3 Myths about Ballroom Dancing for Adults

I often hear adults express a desire to learn dance and then follow it up with one of these statements to ‘prove’ they are right in not pursuing dance lessons. Below are 3 common myths that Adult beginners express about … Continued

How to find a competition Dancesport partner!

“I desperately want to participate in DanceSport competition – but I can’t find a partner!” If these are words are familiar – then ask yourself – do you really want to compete? If so, are you doing everything in your … Continued

Why Ballroom dancers make better lovers…

Ask Grandma and Grandad how they met and they’ll – more often than not – tell you BALLROOM DANCING. They tentatively glanced at each other from across the crowded ballroom, Grandad shyly strolled over to Grandma and offered his hand. … Continued

Will my son be called a sissy if he learns dance?

In dance, girls have the advantage over boys in many regards. Not only it more socially acceptable for them to be learning dance, they’re more likely to do it with friends, their bodies are naturally more flexible and their hips … Continued

The DK Community – Connection is our value.

Here is a post from Frank Proctor – one of Dancesport Kingdom’s dance teachers. Cauliflower and Bacon Soup Get Well Soon Breakfast, and to top off my porridge I reach in to the fridge for some stewed rhubarb. This is … Continued

The Power of Dance for Kids and Teens.

In Australia, dance is not a mainstream activity for boys and girls. It tends be mums who used to dance who will enter their daughters in the activity, but are most boys and girls not learning dance missing out? The … Continued

Andy & Tamy join DK’s Professional Dance Teaching Team

In January 2017, Andy Phillips and Tamy Heomiyeon joined Monica Fincham (Studio Principle) and Leighton Stevenson in Dancesport Kingdom’s Professional Teaching Team. Andy has been dancing for most of his life, being trained by champions both here and throughout the … Continued