Would you love to Ballroom dance but don't have your own dance partner?

Dancesport Kingdom's VIP Dance Partner Service is for singles who'd dearly love to attend Ballroom dancing socials and events - but don't want to risk going alone out of the possibility they might not be asked to dance, there might not be anyone good enough to dance with, or there just might not be enough partners to go around. The VIP Dance Partner Service will provide you with your perfect dance partner for the evening - so you have access to an accomplished social dancing partner and don't have to share with anyone. You can just concentrate on dancing the night away!

"I started going to the Friday night Ballroom social dance not knowing a single person, and have made great new friends, some have even migrated to 'outside of dancing'. The students are really supportive of one another and I love the challenge of improving from term to term" Wendy

Our VIP Ballroom Dance Partner's.

DK VIP Ballroom Dance Partners are hand picked by Director of Dancesport Kingdom and professional dancer Monica Fincham. All the dancers are accomplished in all three styes of Ballroom, New Vogue and Latin American Dancing. They wear VIP Badges to identify that they are there solely for you to dance with during the evening. These gentlemen and ladies might be accomplished social dancers, competition dancers or professional dancers or teachers, but their sole aim for the event is to maximise your enjoyment of your dancing.

" love the experience you provide and the chance to experience social Ballroom dancing in the best studio with the best sound system and the best people" David

What the VIP Dance Partner Service include?

Your next social dancing event with an experienced and accomplished social Dance partner that is there to exclusively dance with you.

VIP Dancer - John
John loves Ballroom dancing, and particularly when he can enjoy feeling the music along with his partner on the dance floor.

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"I love the dance floor, studio in general, friendliness of students, reception and teachers alike." Linda

"I walk in to the studio and the troubles of my week dissolve. The music is amazing, the teachers so happy, and everyone extremely welcoming. All my concerns about stepping on someone's feet ended up being for nothing. Can't wait until next week." Sam

Choose your service

2 hours

Two hours of social dance class and/or social.

One friend may join you to share the dancing.

2.5 hours

2.5 hours dance class and /or social dancing

One friend may join you to share the dancing.

3 hours

3 hours of social dance class and /or social dancing

One friend may join you to share the dancing.

3.5 hours

3.5 hours social dance class and/or social dancing

One friend may join you to share the dancing.

"Dancesport Kingdom has great staff and friendly social dancers, who encourage each other" Helen

Got questions?

So what to do next? Choose your VIP preferred Dance Partner and choose your date and time. Then relax and enjoy your dancing!