Not just a Ballroom dance class.

Ballroom dancing is one of life's simple pleasures. You might be wanting to learn to Ballroom dance as you are looking for a new social outlet, you're single and you'd like to make new friends, or you're a social couple and you're happy to meet and dance with other people as well as each other. As you learn social dancing you'll also increase your fitness and have a ball at the same time! As an important and fun part of our Ballroom Tuition Packages Friday's group lesson and social caters for all levels of adult social dancer from complete beginner to advanced. You will share your weekly group lesson with students at your level, and there's plenty of time to socialise and practice your new steps too!

"I started going to the Friday night Ballroom social dance not knowing a single person, and have made great new friends, some have even migrated to 'outside of dancing'. The students are really supportive of one another and I love the challenge of improving from term to term" Wendy

Why choose us?

*We make sure you get plenty of time to dance with three hours of socialising with great people plus Ballroom social dancing, New Vogue and Latin American social dancing, which is great exercise and practice time! * Includes teaching and social Ballroom dancing, structured for beginners to advanced. * DJ and great music playing all night *Fully sprung dance floor and air-conditioned ballroom * Comfortable seating area for resting and socialising * Dedicated beginner social Ballroom dancing teachers to guide you through your class and first social night, there to help you.

"I love the experience you provide and the chance to experience social Ballroom dancing in the best studio with the best sound system and the best people" David


If you are new to this class - or a beginner at social Ballroom dancing - we know it can be daunting at first. BUT, we will take you by the hand and teach you, step by step, each dance until you are confident. Soon, you'll be dancing the night away, and all your worries will fade into the background as you take each new partner and twirl around the ballroom!

"I walk in to the studio and the troubles of my week dissolve. The music is amazing, the teachers so happy, and everyone extremely welcoming. All my concerns about stepping on someone's feet ended up being for nothing. Can't wait until next week." Sam

We are passionate about helping each student feel confident and happy as we work together to unfold his or her full dancing potential and discover the joy and meaning that dance has for every student.
We are passionate about creating a place where students feel connected with us and with each other - one class, one lesson, one moment and one dance at a time.
We are passionate about developing each student’s dance skills in such a way that we instill a love for dance that grows deeper and stronger with each passing year.

"I love the dance floor, studio in general, friendliness of students, reception and teachers alike." Linda

"Dancesport Kingdom has great staff and friendly social dancers, who encourage each other" Helen

How can I join in the fun?

Friday night group class and social is included in our "Socialite" tuition packages. At only $75 per week for singles, and $95 per week for a couple , you can enjoy a weekly private dance lesson and attendance to the social dance each week (plus a load of additional extras)! For more information and to sign up - head to the singles or couples Ballroom pages.

"I am so very grateful to the DK family, staff and friends as along with the dancing have been my healing energy". Diane

Got questions?

Friendly and open minded personalities LOVE learning social dancing at Dancesport Kingdom. Perfect for singles or couples who are happy to change partners and dance with others as well as each other. (Couples who prefer to only dance with each other should choose our Sunday dancing) This is a faster paced fun class, with lots of changing partners this is as much about making friends as learning to dance. You'll learn Jive Cha Cha Cha, Samba plus! The group lesson commences at 7.30pm and caters for all levels including beginners, and the social from 8.30pm gives you a great chance to practice and socialise. Gents are best to wear slacks and a shirt, and ladies, slacks and a skirt or dress for dancing classes, and comfortable dress shoes. Dance shoes are available at a very reasonable price from the studio.