Shimmy and shake your body, laugh (out loud!) and feel more alive as you move to the Latin rhythms. Not really about exercising at all - because you are simply having too much fun to be working out! Learn the Cha Cha Cha, Jive and Samba plus loads more in the one hour class each Monday and Wednesday morning from 9.15-10.15am.

Remember how to shimmy?

Starting with a warm up and some isolation to get your hips moving, you'll move through basic steps of Latin American dances as well as some extras and 'just for fun' dances. At the end you'll do some free weights and a stretch - but there is no awkward floorwork. Suitable for differing levels of fitness, this class can be modified to be paced to suit you. Haven't exercised in a while? No problem. Come along, join in and rest whenever you need it. We are more about inclusion and encouragement, than harsh fitness regimes.


Yes, your heart rate will go up, and you'll love the feeling!


We do a track of weights at the end - for all round fitness.


It's not about getting the steps right - although it feels awesome when you finally get them - it's about joining in and giving it a go.

"The class bought back so many memories of dancing as a child. Love the music ....and heaps better the Zumba!." Penelope

Better value than the gym!

This class is suitable for mums and grand mums. After class the ladies enjoy a cuppa and a chat.

Casual Class Mondays and Wednesdays at 9.15am
Pay as you go

Pay as you go

Cash or card

No membership or joining fee

10 Class Pass
10 classes for $120
10 classes

10 x 1 hour classes

$30 saving

Valid 1 year from purchase


If you feel concerned about starting the class - don't be. The group of ladies is friendly and the class non intimidating. The dance moves - whilst some take a little to grasp - are basic and no dance experience is necessary, The average age is 50 with many participants in their 70's. Wear tracksuit or leggings, T-shirt and runners.