Taking your child's DanceSport on to the competition floor.

Open from ages 11-16, DanceSport ELITE* is an initiative of ballroom champion Monica Fincham and unique to DanceSport Kingdom. The Dancesport ELITE* is a more cost effective and structured approach for children to develop Dancesport skills, co-ordination and flexibility as they prepare for competitive DanceSport. DanceSport ELITE* is for children who love to perform, and wish to compete. This level is dependent on a dance partner and student aptitude and engagement - so kids are encouraged to parter with a girl or boy from their ENGAGE* Class in order to join.

DanceSport ELITE* - the world of competitive DanceSport.

Our DanceSport ELITE* program is aimed to make sure your child and their partner are competitive on the dance floor. During the classes they will be learning how to dance with their partner at the highest level as they prepare for competitions around Victoria, interstate and eventually overseas. Hip action, footwork, leg action, drive, arms and body engagement will all be perfected with their partner. These kids love to perform!

We are passionate about helping our students achieve their own goals, by encouraging their progress and developing their confidence.
Love Dance
We are passionate about developing each student's dance skills in such a way that we instil a love for dance that grows deeper and stronger with each passing year.
Feel Valued
We are passionate about using each word, interaction and teachable moment as a gift we give to each student and to consistently affirm how highly each student is valued.

What does our Dancesport ELITE* program include?

*Weekly Award and competitive dance lessons, where they will glow with achievement as their efforts are acknowledged and rewarded each week. *Coaching from Australia's top professional dancers. * Access to Melbourne’s most luxurious ballroom, complete with a fully sprung dance floor and air conditioning, with comfortable seating for you to relax and watch them grow in confidence week by week , with convenient parking at the door *Proven strategies for success on the competition dance floor. *Membership to the exclusive ‘DK Family Dance Club’ - a chance for you to experience the incredible feeling of dance class with your child.

Who are DanceSport ELITE* kids?

DanceSport ELITE* kids are different. These children excel at school and extra curricular activities and show above average determination, a success driven mindset and grit. They stick at something until they get it. In addition, DanceSport ELITE* kids get along really well with other kids. DanceSport - being a partner activity- requires a high level of social awareness and sensitivity - selfish kids don't make it here.

"It is amazing to see how much confidence and self esteem she has gained from her dancing achievements. She has expressed how comfortable she feels with the teaching staff and always looks forward to learning more." John and Cora, Parents

Costs and payment plans

DanceSport ELITE*
Wednesday 5.30-7pm, Saturday 9.30-11am

1.5 hour Medal/Award and 1.5 hour competition dance lessons each week.

Membership to the DK Family Dance Club

Dancesport ELITE* Badge

The opportunity to compete around Victoria representing DanceSport Kingdom (cost not included)

Training from Australia's top Dancesport coaches