Less about talent, and more about learning and passion.

DanceSport EVOLVE* is an initiative of ballroom champion Monica Fincham. It was developed as she saw a need for a more structured approach for children to develop dance, skills, co-ordination and flexibility. DanceSport EVOLVE is for children who start to engage and love to perform, and wish to develop the dancing further.

DanceSport EVOLVE* - explore how far your child can go.

Our DanceSport EVOLVE* program is for your child to improve their movement skills in dance to fast track their learning. During the class they will be actively engaging their bodies through a range of technical drills both with and without music, and through a stretch and flexibility program. Hip action, footwork, leg action, drive, arms and body engagement will all be perfected. But, more than ever, there is also an opportunity for kids love to perform. Included in this class is the EVOLVE* Performance Team - is choreography that will be performed - in costume - at the end of each term. Entry into the performance team is by invitation only.


We are passionate about helping our students achieve their own goals, by encouraging their progress and developing their confidence.

Love Dance

We are passionate about developing each student's dance skills in such a way that we instil a love for dance that grows deeper and stronger with each passing year.

Feel Valued

We are passionate about using each word, interaction and teachable moment as a gift we give to each student and to consistently affirm how highly each student is valued.

What does our Dancesport EVOLVE* program include?

*Weekly training session on Saturday mornings. *Inspiring dance classes, where they will glow with achievement as their efforts are acknowledged and rewarded each week. *A program delivered by genuine and attentive teachers who are there to assist them. * Access to Melbourne’s most luxurious ballroom, complete with a fully sprung dance floor and air conditioning, with comfortable seating for you to relax and watch them grow in confidence week by week , with convenient parking at the door *Proven body and mind health benefits for their development. *A team performance each term and opportunities to perform offsite. *Ballroom and Latin American costumes (1 of each per year) * DK Team Jacket

How do I enrol my child in Dancesport EVOLVE*?

DanceSport EVOLVE* is an invitational program. DanceSport EVOLVE* is for children who engage with the sport and want to take their dancing to the next level. The EVOLVE* program allows your child group performing opportunities, costumes, a dance troupe atmosphere, and a first class skills program for your child to fast-track their dance skills and coordination. If you are unsure as to whether your child will like DanceSport, we recommend firstly enrol your child into private dance lesson and commence our Award Program for Children.

"It is amazing to see how much confidence and self esteem she has gained from her dancing achievements. She has expressed how comfortable she feels with the teaching staff and always looks forward to learning more." John and Cora, Parents

Costs and payment plans

DanceSport EVOLVE* Performance
Saturday Classes
Month - direct debit

1.5 hours DanceSport classes per week on Saturday mornings.

Individual performance at the end of each term.

1 x Latin American costume per year

1 x Ballgown per year

Troupe performance each term.