Latin Dance for kids in Lilydale

Enrolment is now open for Kids Latin and Dancesport dance troupe commencing in 2020. We are seeking happy and energetic children aged 10-14 to join our competitive Dancesport troupe to learn Latin and Dancesport with a view to attending competitions and performances throughout 2020 as part of the Dancesport Kingdom competition team.

Latin dance and Dancesport competitions.

With training from one of Australia's top Dancesport competitors, each lesson will commence with a warm up, drills plus choreography. Your child will be trained in Latin and Dancesport so that they can compete in local competitions both solo and as a troupe. Kids who have already done some dance training in other styles such as Ballet, Jazz, Cheer or Contemporary, but would like to try Latin dance and Dancesport , are encouraged to enrol. With full enrolment, all lessons, costuming, and performances are included.

Juvenile Ballroom at Dancesport Kingdom - Jive

Confidence and performance

Partners are not required as the kids learn to dance solo and in a troupe, in an environment that encourages confidence and achievement. Although we are a competitive dance school the focus is on a healthy and uplifting team dynamic , friendships and helping your child to become the best dancer they can.

"Our daughters love coming here. Both the atmosphere and the instructors are professional and warm and the girls always leave with a sense of accomplishment." Kate, Mum

We are passionate about helping our students achieve their own goals, by encouraging their progress and developing their confidence.
Love Dance
We are passionate about developing each kids Ballroom dance skills in such a way that we instil a love for Ballroom dance that grows deeper and stronger with each passing year.
Feel Valued
We are passionate about using each word, interaction and teachable moment as a gift we give to each student and to consistently affirm how highly each student is valued.

"I love the care and concern the DK teachers show, not only for my child as a dancer, but for him as a person" Jenelle

Costs and payment plans

Dancesport Evolve Troupe
Month - direct debit

Introductory Class Saturday 1st February 2020 ($25)

1.5 hour group lesson each Saturday 9.30-11am during school term (except competition days)

Costuming - Latin American competitive outfit

Coaching by one of Australia's top Dancesport Competitiors

Dancesport shoes and class TShirt for new students

$95 enrolment fee (minus the $25 paid for the Introductory Lesson) then $95 per month all inclusive (except competition entry fees)

1 x 45 minute private lesson per week - 1 child
Week - direct debit

45 minute private dance lesson per week - 1 child solo

DK T-shirt for new students

Award in it's own presentation box at the end of each term.

Personalised assessment by an NDSE Examiner at the end of each term.

Performance with a teacher at the end of each term.

1 x Achievement Badge per year

45 minute private dance lesson per week - 2 children sharing
Each - direct debit

1 x 45 minute dance lesson per week - shared by two children

1 x Achievement Badge per year

Personalised assessment by an NDSE Examiner at the end of each term.

Performance with your teacher at the end of each term.

Achievement award in presentation box at the end of each term.

DK T-shirt for new students

We will happily offer a 7 day 100% money back guarantee for new students - if your child doesn't love it!*


Frequently asked questions?

What should my child wear?

Your tuition includes dance shoes for your child, plus a DK Class T-shirt when they first start.  They should wear these along with back leggings.  It's fine to wear runners for the introductory class.


What dances do they learn?

They'll learn the Cha Cha Cha, Samba, Juve, Rumba and Paso Doble, as well as other Dancesport dances from the Ballroom and New Vogue genres.


My child isn't interested in competition, can they still enrol?

No, this troupe is strictly for performance and competitions. We will train your child to be successful in solo and troupe Dancesport competitions .  Private lessons either solo or couples are available for children who do not wish to join the troupe, nor compete.


Is there much practice?

Yes!  It's expected that your child will practice outside the lesson in order to master the figures and technique they are being taught.  Allowing them to teach you what they have learnt is a great way for them to practice.


Can my child do couple's Dancesport competition?

Yes, couples competition is available to children through private dance lessons.   They would need to do these with their dance partner, which could be a child from their class or a friend.


My child cannot come on Saturdays - do you have any other times available?

Yes, although not with the troupe.  Private lessons can be arranged in Dancesport at a time to suit you.