Stress free and joyful dance lessons to ensure you BOTH feel confident ... (and maybe even impress you guests!)

Bring to us your dreams for your wedding dance and we will make them come true. From simply feeling confident (and not stepping on each other's toes) to a fully choreographed floorshow for your guests, we will listen to your every desire and help you achieve your vision for your first dance as a married couple.

Why Dancesport Kingdom?

We want to make learning to dance as easy as possible. Our beautiful ballroom caters for just you, mum and dad, or the whole bridal party as you learn your dream wedding dance. We are fully air conditioned and have convenient parking at the door, we know that learning in our glamorous ballroom is just the right preparation you need for you big day.

Wedding dance lesson tuition packages

Wedding Dance Lesson
One private lesson
One 45 minute lesson

Last minute lesson to cover the basics!

Time and day to suit your schedule.

Silver Wedding Lesson Package
3 private lessons
3 x 45 minute lessons

3 lessons over flexible days and times to suit your schedule.

A routine designed just for you, and your music, to wow your guests.

Learn a couple of dance figures and some basic moves for your special day.

Gold Wedding Lesson Package
5 private lessons
Five 45 minute lessons

Five dance lesson booked at days and times to suit you

A unique choreographed dance to suit your special song to have you confident and looking forward to your big day.

Diamond Wedding Lesson Package
10 private lessons
10 x 45 minute lessons

10 dance lessons to prepare a showcase or floorshow for your guests, or for those new to Ballroom dance.

Enjoy relaxed and fun dance lessons together leading up to your big day.

10 lessons on days and times booked to suit you.


Our goal is that when you leave us you'll love dance and the experience you have with us,  perhaps as much as you adore each other! (Or at least we'll try!)


We listen to what you want, and make that happen! Running out of time and need something quickly in a couple of lessons?  That's fine.  Want a full blown floorshow to blow your guests way?  Done!


We know you've got  a lot of your plate, so we work hard for you to make your learning as easy and stress free as possible.  Many of our couples say the learning to dance was a highlight of all their preparations.

"Thank you for making our day so memorable. We enjoyed every moment of every lesson, our guests were shocked, and we are even talking about coming back to lessons now the wedding is over!" James and Shae

Wedding Dance Lesson Costs

Private wedding dance lessons take place at our studio and involve just you and a teacher dedicated to you. (Depending on the time of day - there may be other private lessons sharing the dance floor). You'll get personalised attention, and access to unique choreography to suit your special song. The prices below are for one or two couples sharing a lesson. We can also cater for a bridal group of 3 or 4 couples, just call us to arrange.

Book in 3 easy steps

Step 1- Choose the amount of lessons Step 2 - Purchase your lesson package Step 3 - Book in your first lesson online (or call us on 9739 6011).

Got questions?

We are only a phone call - 9739 6011 - or email away to answer your questions. We have teachers available in the evening and on weekends so you can book at a time to suit you.

Frequently asked questions

How many lessons do I need?

It depends on your previous dancing experience, and what you'd like to do for your dance.  If you are happy learning one or two dance steps, and you've danced before, then book one to three lessons and you can feel confident on the day.

If you've never danced before - or not since you Debutante Ball - then choose a minimum of five lessons.

If you like the idea of leaning to dance as an activity for the two of you to do together reading up to your wedding, a skill you'll have for life, or if you'd like to impress your guests with your dancing - then choose 10 or more lessons.


When should I start?

We recommend you start three to six months away from your wedding, and have at least weekly dance lessons.  Wedding lesson times often get booked out early, so we recommend booking in advance as much as possible, to secure the most convenient times for your lessons.


How do we choose a song?

The music you choose is such an important part of this day.  It should be a song that you both like and has some special meaning for you.  We can work with any music you choose, and will choreograph a unique routine for you, and make sure your wedding dance suits your music perfectly.


Can we do a mash up of songs?

Absolutely,  any choice of music or mash up of music is possible.  Your guests will love it!

What shoes should I wear?

We recommend wearing the shoes you'll be wearing on the day to your dance lessons (or similar ones).  Runners, thongs, boots or bare feet are not appropriate for your lessons (unless you will be dancing in them!).


We've got two left feet! Each!

Most of our couples come to use with little or no dance experience, and perform a beautiful and confident dance on their wedding day.


My fiancé has zero rhythm!

It's much more important to dance together than to dance strictly in time for your wedding dance.  The skill is to move together with each others internal rhythm , body to body, and enjoy this special moment together.