Learning how to social dance with a like-minded group of people

If you are a couple and wish to take up social dancing as an activity to do together - then these classes are perfect for you. Absolutely no dance experience is necessary - just a desire to learn and a can do attitude. You will only dance with your partner - no dancing with strangers. This class is perfect for graduates of the Dancesport Kingdom #2LF Two Left Feet course, and also for beginner couples who wish to learn how to Ballroom dance socially.

"Love the teachers, their passion, experience, expertise, kindness is exceptional." Jennifer


In each session you'll learn social dances so that you can be on the dance floor at your next social event. It's essential to us that you feel safe enough to learn to dance in front of other people, so we make sure that we place you into a group of students at the same level as you. You'll be given time to master each of the moves - without overload - in each lesson. You'll also receive a video emailed to to help you practice at home between lessons.


We are passionate about helping each student feel confident and happy as we work together to unfold his or her full dancing potential and discover the joy and meaning that dance has for every student.


We are passionate about creating a place where students feel connected with us and with each other - one class, one lesson, one moment and one dance at a time.


We teach you in a way that YOU are in control, of your body, of your learning and of your partner and surroundings.

"I walk in to the studio and the troubles of my week dissolve. The music is amazing, the teachers so happy, and everyone extremely welcoming. All my concerns about stepping on someone's feet ended up being for nothing. Can't wait until next week." Sam

What does the course include?

* Six weeks dance instruction at our purpose built Ballroom in Lilydale, Melbourne. * Video's and scripts of the dances you learn to practice and revise at home. *Music suggestions to help you with rhythm and timing * Directions on how to lead and follow each of the dances. *A carefully selected dance program to have you up on the dance floor at your next social dance event.

"Outstanding friendliness of staff and all dancers - a very enjoyable and rewarding experience." Jim

Beginners Social Dance Course
2 x $77 monthly payments (paid online)
per person - 6 x 1 hour per week

You will be matched in a class with participants at your level, and everyone has their own partner - no sharing!

Step by step instruction and plenty of time to revise and practice in the class.

Instructors who are trained to correct, adjust, praise and recognise the work of each student in the class.

A sense of belonging and feeling at home in the studio and in the class, helping you feel comfortable as you learn.

Full control over the learning process. We train you to have control of your body and it's movements so that you decide when and how much you do.

Modifications of the steps to allow for injuries or pain that can cause distress to you as you learn.

Got questions?

Gents are best to wear slacks and a shirt, and ladies, slacks and a skirt or dress for dancing classes, and comfortable dress shoes. Wear layers in case you get warm. Dance shoes are not necessary, but do help you dance a little easier. We have some sizes available at a very reasonable price from the studio. Like to chat to us first? Please call Monica on 0439 442 322 to see if this class is a good fit for you.