The idea of learning Ballroom dance can be daunting.

So that's why at Dancesport Kingdom we first like to find out a bit more about you, why are you learning Ballroom dance, and a little about your personality. Plus we have dedicated classes perfect for couples wanting to learn and dance together, and Ballroom dance classes more suited to singles. We'd love to help you find the best class for you to join.


As everyone is unique, we offer different ways for you to learn Ballroom dance. To make your decision easier we have a page dedicated to each way. If you prefer, we can assist you to personally choose the best method for you.

Two Left Feet #2LF Course
Suitable for couples - a relaxed six week course that puts you in control - designed for those nervous about learning dance.
Private Dance Lessons
Perfect for couples or singles, just you and a teacher dedicated to you. The ULTIMATE way to learn.
Beginner Social Ballroom Dance Course
Designed for beginner couples who are searching for an activity to do together.
Beginner Social Dancing
Great for singles, faster paced and a chance to meet heaps of friendly, like minded people.

"I feel like I belong - and that is a great feeling!" Linda

"Such a friendly studio, and amazing teaching staff. I felt immediately at home, and was surprised at how much I learnt in such a short time" Rebecca

Our passion is to make you feel valued with every interaction, every teaching moment, and in every class.


So now to make it easy, now all you need to do is choose which Ballroom dance class or classes you'd like to start with, and we'll take care of the rest.

Two Left Feet #2LF
Six weeks beginner course for nervous couples.
per person in 2 x monthly payments for 1 hour x six weeks (online price)

Relaxed and stress free learning.

Six one hour weekly dance lessons.

Caring and patient teacher

Instruction on how to move your body so you are in control, and it feels great!

Beginners Social Ballroom Dance Course
Six weeks perfect for couples.
per person in 2 x monthly payments for 1 hour x 6 weeks (online price)

Includes 6 x one hour weekly dance class

Achnowledegment and recognition for your learning.

Beautiful dance program allowing you time to become proficient in each dance.

Pay Online and Save

Social Dancing Casual Class and Social
Great for singles!
per person for 10 classes (Online price)

Make friends as you learn!

Continuous learning and practice

10 weeks x 3 hours of dancing!

Book and pay online and save (Pay in studio $230)

Valid 6 months