One of the things that sets us apart is our flexibility of learning times. At Dancesport Kingdom we know your life is crazy busy, so with us, your private dance lessons are scheduled at a time that fits in with your schedule. You can book daytimes, evening or weekends, and you can choose to have the same time each week, or mix it up as you need, and have a different day and time each week as other commitments come along. And if you need to miss a week or two, you can even make it up and have an extra lesson the week after! As well, we work hard to make sure you have the perfect teacher for YOU, and take some time to find out about you and your dancing goals before you even step into our Ballroom.

Have a look below for the availability of some of our teachers. If you find a time to suit you - you can even book your first lesson right now in 3 easy steps! STEP 1 - Select your preferred teacher STEP 2 Choose your lesson time STEP 3 Check your email in-box for confirmation of the booking.


Cassie loves Ballroom and her passion is teaching beginners, as well as Award dancers and high level social and recreational competitors.  As a competitor herself with her partner Andrew,  she is a Ballroom technician and you can be sure that with Cassie everything will be explained in the details that you love.


Angelica is a kind and thoughtful teacher who loves to delve into the why and emotions inside of dance to help her students get more from their dancing.  She loves helping couples with their dance communication - lead and follow - and helping her single gent students with their balance, timing and confidence.


Jennifer has played many sports and adored music her whole life.  It is a dream come true to combine these two passions in Dancesport.  Jenni wants her students to thoroughly enjoy learning to dance, and her greatest desire is for them to leave each and every lesson felling lit up, exhilarated and more alive!  She loves it when her students achieve.  Jenni's greatest satisfaction is taking a new student who are adamant they can't dance, and then prove them wrong!

Height 160cms

Fun fact!  Jenni is 'quite fond' of Collingwood.


Chris is a favourite with single ladies as he is divine to dance with!  Nothing pleases him more than spending his lessons teaching a new me and then dancing it together with his students.  But Chris is no pushover.  His in dept knowledge of dance will transform even the most experienced lady and take you to the next level.  Enjoy!

Height 180cms



Frank adores taking new students, showing them the step patterns and making sure they feel super comfortable.  Once they become more advanced,  he has a bucketload of tips and techniques that will transform your dancing.  Make sure you arrive on time for Frank's lessons,  as he wants to pack in all the dancing he can,  and like the true gentleman he is, he'll teach you to be the epitome of old fashioned respect as you learn to Ballroom dance.

Height 180cms

Fun fact :  Frank is a magician with a deck of cards!



Simone is a respected and experienced teacher with over 10 years experience at Dancesport Kingdom.  She specialises in social and award Ballroom, and at 5 ft 5 inches is great for the gents who are a little shorter.   Simone adores her Dancesport and loves teaching technique and help her students feel amazing to dance with!  Many of the current DK family have learnt from Simone.


Eldo is a talented dancer and teacher who likes to have a laugh and a chat as well as teach you to dance.  He specialises in award and recreational competitors - and his favourite style is Latin - although he competes in all 3 Dancesport styles.


David is 6ft 2 inches tall, so perfect for taller ladies!  David is a gentle and empathetic teacher, but he's a stickler for correct technique and beautiful arm lines.  David's passion is Ballroom and New Vogue, and his students adore his him.  He is a dream to dance with!

"The DK teachers made me feel welcome from the start, even though I had initial nervousness" Sharyn