What is DanceSport Competition?

Gorgeous gowns and thousands of sparkly stones, tail suits, elaborate hair and makeup, smooth beautiful dancing around a gorgeous dance floor, Dancesport Competition is the pinnacle of Dancesport. Dancesport Kingdom can offer competitive coaching for those just starting their competitive dance career, to the highest level of Dancesport Competition. Our team of dance coaches includes former National and Victorian Champion Monica Fincham, and current professional dancer Leighton Stevenson, Tamy and Andy Phillips, Professional Latin Champions - plus a highly qualified teaching team, are ready to take your dancing to the next step. Competitive ballroom dancing or Dancesport is a great way to become the best dancer you can. We recommend that you begin your competition dancing with private lessons on your own, or with your partner. Your coach will then recommend a competition to begin, and help you prepare your debut from the dancing to your presentation, grooming and etiquette for competition. We can even help you with a partner to join you in the lessons and competition, until you find your own regular partner.

Who does Dancesport Competition?

We advise the best way to commence Dancesport Competition is to do a few Awards first. Like any physical pursuit - to make it to the elite level you need to understand and master the basics first. Dancesport Kingdom is one of the few studios that boasts a team of Professional internationally trained coaches who help our competitors navigate a successful competitive career. Dancesport Competition is conducted under the rules of Dancesport Australia. You can compete in three styles, Modern/Standard, Latin American and New Vogue. You begin competition as a Recreational (beginner) competitor, and then once you have a regular partner you can register and enter Level C.  As you become successful, you progress up through the levels to level A (the highest Amatuer Level) and then onto Professional. You compete in one of the six age groups Juvenile (under 12) Junior (12-16), Youth (16-19) Adult (16-35) Masters 1 (35 and over)  and Masters 2 (50 and over), so it is never too late to start Dancesport Competiton.

Be Inspired

Being a part of the DanceSport Competition is inspirational. Watching those couples who have achieved the highest level of dance are simply inspiring to watch.

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Love Dance

Those who love dance often want to see how far they can go - and nothing pushes you to achieve YOUR highest level than DanceSport competition.

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Get the ultimate recognition for your practice and hard work by achieving though DanceSport competition.

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"To excel in DanceSport competition you need to have GRIT - that is determination, passion and to never, EVER give up." Monica, Principal and National Dancesport Champion

What should I do now?

If you are serious about DanceSport competition then you'll first need to find a partner. Towards the end of the year, Dancesport Kingdom has try out days at the studio where competitive singles can can try dancing with others in a mass tryout, or have a look at dancesportaustralia.org for a partner search list in your state. Work to become the best dancer you can - take as many private lessons as you can afford - and let your coach know you are wanting to compete.


Send us an email stating your current award (medal) level or previous experience or to book a competition private dance lesson.