You'd like to feel prepared for your first ballroom dance lesson, so here's a quick rundown of what you'll need to do before you head to the Ballroom for the first time.

Firstly, make sure you are wearing the right clothes. Gents should wear slacks (not jeans or shorts) and a short or long sleeve shirt with a collar. A tie is suitable for special events and functions, but for lessons a clean shirt is all you'll need. In winter, you may need to wear some layers that you can remove as you dance. A fine knit jumper or vest is great for learning dancing. The most important aspect might be what you wear on your feet. You do not need dance shoes for your first lesson. We recommend dress shoes (but not those with a polished leather sole) or light trainers or similar in a dark colour. Here is an example of what dance shoes look like.

What should ladies wear for their first time to Ballroom dance class?

Ladies should wear slacks, or a skirt or dress and a short or long sleeved top. In colder weather its best to wear layers for your first time to Ballroom dance class so that you can remove them as you warm up (and you will!). Getting yourself a pair of dance shoes is not necessary for your first lesson - but it will definitely improve your dancing experience, and your dancing once you are having weekly lessons! Initially if you don't have special Ballroom shoes, then it's best to wear sandals or flat shoes (unless you are used to heels) and make sure they are comfortable and stay firmly on your foot as you lift them off the floor. Boots, thongs and platform or high stilettos are not suitable. As you become more proficient in your Ballroom dance, be prepared to go shopping and get yourself a whole new wardrobe of beautiful dresses and outfits!

These ladies dance shoes are perfect to get you started - and available in the Ballroom.

"My husband isn't so sure - but I'm loving the fact that I've had to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe - just for dancing !" Rachel

A quick tour for newbies!

But your attitude is probably the biggest challenge as you head into your first Ballroom dance class.

Once you've got your outfit and footwear ready - you then need to ask yourself - am I mentally ready for my first Ballroom dance class? Many people feel very intimidated when they come into the Ballroom for their first class, and that's normal. Nerves and feeling unsure are ok, but make sure you bring along a healthy 'can do' attitude. No one learns to become a Ballroom dancer in one class, so set yourself the goal of persisting for three or six months, at a minimum, and reward yourself for any small improvements along the way. Understand that you might not achieve all the steps you are taught in your first Ballroom dance class, and that you will need to practice outside the class. Allow yourself to have fun as you learn, and enjoy the company of your partner and your classmates as they are learning. Bring along a good sense of humour!

"Thanks so much for being a special part of my life - you bring me joy and a love for dance" Sharyn

Parking and finding your way around.

Dancesport Kingdom Ballroom has ample parking around the studio and is also a 10 minute walk from Lilydale station. Once inside the Ballroom, there are change rooms immediately to your right as you enter, if required. If not, head straight through to the Ballroom where you will be greeted by reception or a member of staff. Here you can wait in the lounge area where we will come and get you for your first Ballroom class. The bathrooms are situated at the back of the ballroom along the carpeted corridor by the side of the dance floor, along with a kitchen with complimentary tea and coffee.

Final checklist for your first Ballroom dance class.

1. Appropriate clothes and shoes 2. A can do happy attitude and a healthy sense of humour 3. Directions once you arrive