You want to know that they'll be someone for you to dance with!

You are no doubt concerned, as a single, that if you come along to Ballroom dancing you'll have no-one to dance with. We get it. So, that's why at Dancesport Kingdom we are very intentional with the way you start with us, no matter how much dancing you've done before. We want to make sure that you feel welcomed and at home immediately. As a single beginner or more advanced dancer, you can choose between a private or group lesson. On your first visit, you will meet your teacher, feel the vibe of the studio, and either learn a few dance steps, or if you are more experienced, brush up on your style or technique. Once you start to feel your confidence growing, you'll want to try out your skills at our weekly social dance and events, and join a larger group of like-minded singles and couples who love Ballroom dancing. Being single is no problem at Dancesport Kingdom. Sure, sometimes there may be one or two dances at a social you may have to sit out (and have rest!) but we have a vibrant, warm and friendly Ballroom community at DK and specifically catered to singles who wish to come by themselves, and have a ball!

“The only thing I can say about my decision to join Dancesport Kingdom is that I should have joined earlier” Roni

"The DK teachers made me feel welcome from the start, even though I had initial nervousness" Sharyn

A new set of inspiring friends.

Our students tell us that as well as learning to dance, on of the the most enchanting experiences of learning at Dancesport Kingdom is the new group of friends they meet. We encourage our students to chat at social events, to linger afterwards and socialise, and many new friendships are born. Plus many are surprised by the new relationship they have with our team, there to encourage and support you as you learn, to push you if you need it, and to glow with warm pride for you as you achieve your dancing goals.

"I started going to Dancesport Kingdom not knowing a single person and have made great new friends, some have even migrated to outside of dancing" Wendy

Confidence and creativity.

After dancing with us for a little while, our students confidently take the dance floor at weddings, social functions and on cruises. By attending your weekly private lesson, and then practicing live at our social events, you soon develop a quiet confidence in yourself you could only dream of. We guarantee that as you learn more and more, you experience swaying your hips to the music, creating stylish and artistic arm lines, and the feeling of being captivated in the music. Our goal is for Ballroom to enrich your life, become a joyful way to exercise, a way for you to feel new energy and fitness that just might become something you can't live without!

First class teachers for advanced dancers...

Many advanced dancers also learn at Dancesport Kingdom and enjoy excellence in the artistry that is Ballroom and Latin American dance. Our team of internationally trained Ballroom professionals have the high standards that will transform your dancing (and for Ballroom dancers, we are surprisingly unpretentious!) Nothing gives us more pleasure than challenging you to become the best you can be, supporting you with not only technical proficiency but pushing you to discover artistic excellence and confidence.

"When you dance a dance routine well, it is exhilarating. It is seductive. The more you learn, the more you want to learn." Andrew

Want some serious learning as you have an absolute ball?

We do things differently at Dancesport Kingdom, as all students learn to dance within a weekly private or group dance lesson. People who learn with us love the idea of the social connections and friendships they will make - but they also value becoming a Ballroom dancer who feels wonderful to dance with, and adore the one on one attention in their private and group lessons. Their goal is to be an accomplished Ballroom dancer. With our carefully developed and unique Ballroom teaching system, you progress at your own perfect pace, growing in confidence as each lesson, each week and as each month passes.

How to learn to Ballroom dance with us.

Learning with us you will receive the perfect combination of a lesson plus social dancing for practice (and to make friends). Your social life will NEVER be dull again! Getting dancing at Dancesport Kingdom is easy! First you check out the timetable and decide whether you'd like to join a group or take a private lesson. We will introduce you to the Ballroom, our teachers, and teach some steps so you can get a feel for, and experience the thrill of, dancing Ballroom and Latin American in our Ballroom. You can simply click the links below to get started, or you can give us call at the studio on 739 6011 and we can help you get started. And because we want you to feel 100% confident, if you are not 'on cloud nine' after your first lesson, we will refund you with our 7 day 100% money back guarantee!

"DK is a great studio supported by friendly trained staff who share a passion for dancing and people. From my first visit everyone made me feel comfortable and welcome and I have quickly formed great friendships with the genuine staff and dancers that attend. I would strongly encourage anyone to start asap!" Gerry

Ballroom tuition for singles

How to get started in 2 easy steps. STEP 1 - head to the timetable page and choose group or private lessons. STEP 2 Click the link on that page to register online or call us on 9739 6011 and we'll do it all for you!

"For a new dancer I was a little apprehensive but it was clear straight away that the DK environment was very welcoming and encourages new people" Kerri

Got a question?

When do I have the private dance lessons?

You can schedule these at a time to suit your and your commitments during the day, evening or weekend.


When are the group lessons?

Click here for the timetable.


How do I enrol?

Call us on 9739 6011 or enquire here.


Do you offer Ballroom tuition for more than one person in a private lesson?

Yes.  Check out our couples page for options for two people sharing the lessons, or if you have a group, we'd be happy to set something up just for you.


Can I try a free lesson first?

The team at Dancesport Kingdom adore welcoming new students to the studio, and offering an engaging and rewarding experience for newbies.  We only accept upfront payment for lessons, however, we offer a 7 day 100% money back guarantee for new students if you are not exceptionally happy.