The beauty of one on one dance lessons.

Students who choose to learn at Dancesport Kingdom have a desire to learn how to Ballroom dance, and feel amazing to dance with. We believe that a combination of private dance and group dance lessons are the only way to learn Ballroom dance. In a private dance lesson we can tailor each lesson to suit you, you can learn at your own pace in the comfort of our beautiful ballroom. Really want to learn the Tango? In a private lesson you get to choose the dance you've always wanted to learn. It's your lesson.

"All the private lessons I've had have been terrific (and across three different teachers). Their patience, persistence and good humour are remarkable." James, Student

What are the benefits?

Private dance lessons can be taken at a time to suit you and your commitments. We can allocate a male or female teacher that can meet your requirements. You can choose which dance/s you'd like to learn. You set the pace. If you feel nervous about learning in a class format, private dance lessons are a great way to learn.

In a private lesson it's all about you. Learning and dancing with your teacher - and experienced dancer - is one of life's simple pleasures.
There is no pressure to learn at any pace other than your own. It's your lesson - so relax!
There is nothing like twirling around the ballroom with your teacher. Trust me.
You dance better with your teacher - so sometimes this can be a fast track way to becoming a great dancer.
One on one instruction means you'll get individual instruction - and each lesson is tailored for you.

"Dancesport Kingdom’s culture for me is one of caring and understanding. The teaching syllabus approach of building blocks of dance routine and skills, enables a progressive development of dance skills and enjoyment. This approach, facilitated by great teachers who provide encouragement and support, no matter what level of competency you have, enables each individual to assess their own development. Dancesport Kingdom has become a family of both teachers and friends. The teachers are not only teachers but friends." Andrew, Student

Got a wedding coming up?

Private dance lessons are perfect if have a special occasion coming up such as a cruise, wedding or debutante ball, or really any function where you think dancing will be required. Although it can seem daunting, dance can be simple, and if you can walk you can dance. Treat yourself, don't wait any longer, book your first private lesson in now.

"I love the lessons at Dancesport Kingdom ...outstanding teachers who breaks it down so even I can understand it!" David, Student