Your invitation to feel joy, warmth, friends and achievement through Ballroom dance.

Experience the thrill of moving to the music with a partner, swaying smoothly along with the Waltz, Tango or Quickstep...feel your hips swing to the rhythms of the Samba, Jive and Cha Cha Cha. In our beautiful Ballroom in Lilydale you'll learn how to glide dancing the Slow Foxtrot, spin your partner around in the Quickstep, and shake your booty in the Jive.

Fabulous dance studio with wonderful, caring, experienced teachers and friendly students, everyone here wants you to achieve your goals and have fun along the way. Jenny

Dancesport Kingdom

At Dancesport Kingdom you will be inspired to create an enriched life for yourself, one that nurtures your love of music, movement, friends and achievement. We want you to do something just for you, escape and explore your creative side. All levels are catered for, and we also boast first class teachers for those more experienced with Ballroom dance. Our passion is to ensure that your learning experience is comfortable and as easy as possible. You will feel nurtured and inspired by our caring and knowledgable teachers who will guide you, step by step, until you are an accomplished dancer. Whether you are learning solo, or have your own dance partner, we would love to welcome you to Dancesport Kingdom.

"Dancesport Kingdom’s culture for me is one of caring and understanding. The teaching syllabus approach of building blocks of dance routine and skills, enables a progressive development of dance skills and enjoyment. This approach, facilitated by great teachers who provide encouragement and support, no matter what level of competency you have, enables each individual to assess their own development. Dancesport Kingdom has become a family of both teachers and friends. The teachers are not only teachers but friends." Andrew, Student

For some, the idea of learning Ballroom dance (or a new studio) can be daunting.

We get it! So that's why at Dancesport Kingdom we do things a bit differently. First like to find out a bit more about you and why are you wanting to learn Ballroom dance. Then, your lessons are tailored to suit you, so you learn as quickly as possible. If you are a couple wanting to learn and dance only together, then we have the perfect studio for you. You'll want to learn and dance together. And it's not problem if you are single! Our encouraging and inspiring dance teachers will not only find your inner Ballroom dancer, but open up a whole new social life, friends and fun. With a tuition program perfect for you to learn with ease, you will be confident to get up on the floor at your next function, and increase the fun and exercise in your life exponentially.

"Such a friendly studio, and amazing teaching staff. I felt immediately at home, and was surprised at how much I learnt in such a short time" Rebecca

How are we different?

At Dancesport Kingdom, you will not only transform into a confident and stylish dancer, but you will be give plenty of opportunities for meeting new people. For many, Ballroom dancing becomes a lot more than a hobby or a fun 'pass time'. Dancing turns into a lifestyle with events, friendships, excitement, achievements and to top it all off a host of heath benefits.

With videos to help you practice at home, events to fill your social calendar, access to Melbourne's most beautiful Ballroom, new friends and health benefits for the mind and body, something very special is happening at Dancesport Kingdom. Our uniqueness shines though in the absolute commitment to giving every student and enlivening experience as they learn to dance.

We are also a favourite with advanced dancers.

Advanced Ballroom dancers, some who have been dancing for years, are pleasantly delighted at our teaching team's level of technical expertise, reigniting their passion, their enjoyment and pleasure of their for Ballroom, New Vogue and Latin American. Some even continue on with us to become pursue Ballroom as a career as teachers or competitive dancers.

"I feel like I belong - and that is a great feeling!" Linda


Am I too old to start dancing?

No! Your can start dancing at any age and notice improvement in cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and balance after just a few weeks. The fact of the matter is, that many older adults who have never danced before become good social dancers in as little as six months with consistent practice.


I’ve got no rhythm so is there any point for me to try Ballroom dancing?

You can learn to hear the beat even if you think you have no rhythm. By starting out small, and learning how to break down music into the quick and slow counts, you will be able to hear and understand the music in no time.


I’m single - do I need to bring a dance partner?

No! Ballroom dancing is perfect for singles and a great way to meet like-minded people and increase your social life and circle of friends. For anybody who is shy, ballroom dancing is a simple, but effective way to boost self-confidence and improve social skills. You will not only be learning new dance moves, but you will also learn how to dance with many different people. Every new partner will present opportunities to improve your comfort level and communication skills, and these will be essential on the dance floor. As you see improvement in your dance technique and feel more at ease with other people, your sense of accomplishment, motivation and confidence will continue to increase. Moreover, you will notice these wonderful new qualities take root in all areas of your life, not just on the dance floor.


We are a couple and want to learn and dance together.

If you are a couple then sometimes learning to dance is secondary to working on a special spark that dancing together could bring your relationship.  If that sounds like you, then it's important to that you learn and dance together.  We make sure that happens.


I’m a bit overweight and self conscious. Should I wait until I lose weight?

Ballroom dancing is a superb for weight loss, helping you burn as many as 400 calories in one hour all while having fun! The vast health benefits of Ballroom dancing are well documented both by scientific research and confirmed by dancers themselves. Ballroom dancing improves your cardiovascular system, helping to prevent heart disease. It will noticeably improve your posture and body alignment, as well as strengthen your body’s core abdominal muscles. As you practice dancing, you will become more flexible, agile, and graceful both on and off the dance floor.

To top it all off, dancing will improve your mental acuity and has been scientifically proven to help prevent Alzheimer’s disease in older people who dance on a regular basis.


What do I wear to dance class?

Gents are best to wear slacks and a collared short or long sleeve shirt and dress shoes or light trainers. Ladies wear slacks, a skirt or dress and sandals or shoes with the heel covered. Polished leather soles can be very slippery and should be avoided. Wear layers that you can remove if you get warm, and even a change of shirt. It’s important to be freshly showered, wear an antiperspirant deodorant and subtle fragrance for partner dancing.


When do I have the private dance lessons?

You can schedule these at a time to suit your and your commitments during the day, evening or weekend.


When are the group lessons?

Click here for the timetable.


How do I enrol?

Call us on 9739 6011 or enquire here.


Do you offer Ballroom tuition for more than one person in a private lesson?

Yes.  If you have a group, we'd be happy to set something up just for you.


Can I try a free lesson first?

The team at Dancesport Kingdom adore welcoming new students to the studio, and offering an engaging and rewarding experience for newbies.  We only accept upfront payment for lessons, however, we offer a 7 day 100% money back guarantee for new students if you are not exceptionally happy after your first lesson with us.

There are plenty of keys to happiness and dancing happens to be one of them. Dancesport is a great way to get in shape, improve muscle tone and flexibility whilst releasing your creative juices. Ballroom not only benefits your body, but also your state of mind and social connection, which in turn has vast benefits on your self esteem, stress and even your BMI.

We cannot wait to meet you!