Have you always harboured a secret desire to dance - but think it's not possible for you? Or have you tried a dance class before and felt awful at the end of it as you couldn't get any of the steps? Then the #2LF Adult Couples Course is for you!

"Everyone is so supportive, the teacher always something positive to say even when you are making a total mess of things, this is a great environment to learn, and it makes me feel good about myself." Donna

Especially designed for those with two left feet!

This class is relaxed and paced exactly for you or you and your partner to learn and enjoy yourself in the process, stress free. We train you to be in control of your body (so it does exactly what you want it to do) and also and how to react to your partner, so that you feel comfortable at each stage of the learning process. For couples, you'll find soon the two of you can let go and have some fun together, reigniting the spark in your relationship and learning a whole new way to communicate. For singles, it's the perfect introduction to Ballroom and a whole new social life. In our beautifully appointed ballroom in Lilydale and with the kindest of teachers, you will learn to dance so that at the next wedding or special event you too can join in on the dance floor.

"The people and the teachers are all great 🙂 A super friendly environment.." Mark

Feel valued in each class, each new step learnt and during every interaction with us.
Life is all about learning, and mastering a new skill makes you HAPPY! That's our goal.
Tick this one off. Achieving life goals feels amazing!

What is the #2LF Course?

*One hour per week over six weeks you receive relaxed and informative dance classes with a caring and patient instructor. *Access to Melbourne's most beautiful ballroom in Lilydale, with easy parking at the door and lounge area seating to relax before and after class. * A carefully selected dance program designed to have you on the dance floor with confidence at your next wedding, debutante ball or function. * A renewed belief in yourself, you CAN DO THIS! *30 day 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not dancing - and LOVING IT!!

"I'm really impressed with the involvement of the instructors and their attitude." James

Sunday 5-6pm
$154 per person
payments for 1 hour x six weeks lessons



Jive Basics

PLUS more social dancing favourites!

What you need to know...

There are two separate #2LF courses. One is specifically designed for couples so the two of you can learn together - no dancing with strangers and no changing partners. The other is specifically for singles. You will gradually find your feet in dance - with carefully chosen dances to allow you to let go and unlock your own natural rhythm - so that you can start your journey of ballroom dance with ease and without stress. As well as adding more romance to your life, ballroom is also excellent exercise and the number 1 in dementia prevention.

"Thank you all for being so welcoming and accommodating (and patient with the beginner mistakes) it really is a great place to learn to dance and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn or just have fun socially dancing. See you next week!" Alex and Angus


There are still limited places available for this class and we generally book out well in advance. Click on the link below to find out dates, enrol and secure your place.