Social Ballroom dancing is one of life's simple pleasures and a wonderful activity for the two of you to do together. But after you've had a few private lessons - or joined a few classes - you need to practice. Sunday evenings at DK are dedicated to couples of all levels - but particularly those starting out - to practice the dances they are learning with other couples. This is a chance to really test your learning and skills as a dancer - and perfect each dance before you try it out in public! Also great exercise and to increase your fitness together and have a ball at the same time!

" The students are really supportive of one another and I love the challenge of improving each term" Wendy

Why choose us?

* All inclusive - one price gets you two and a half hours of Ballroom, New Vogue and Latin American social dancing. One hour lessons at 6pm and dance practice from 7-8.30pm. * No lock in contacts or membership fees, pay as you go (payment is online). * Includes teaching and social Ballroom dancing, structured for the beginner, intermediate and advanced social dancer. * DJ and great music playing from 7-8.30pm with structured dance program *Fully sprung dance floor and air-conditioned ballroom * Comfortable seating area for resting and socialising * Dedicated Social Ballroom dancing only for couples - no progressive dances or changing partners!

" love the experience you provide and the chance to experience social Ballroom dancing in the best studio with the best sound system and the best people" David


This class is perfect for graduates of the #2LF class - who'd like to continue to practice the dances they've learnt - as well as further learn, improve and dance each week.


We are passionate about helping each student feel confident and happy as we work together to unfold his or her full dancing potential and discover the joy and meaning that dance has for every student.


We are passionate about creating a place where students feel connected with us and with each other - one class, one lesson, one moment and one dance at a time.


We are passionate about developing each student’s dance skills in such a way that we instill a love for dance that grows deeper and stronger with each passing year.

"I love the dance floor, studio in general, friendliness of students, reception and teachers alike." Linda

"I walk in to the studio and the troubles of my week dissolve. The music is amazing, the teachers so happy, and everyone extremely welcoming. All my concerns about stepping on someone's feet ended up being for nothing. Can't wait until next week." Sam

Choose your class.

Pay as you go - Class PLUS Social
Per person (Pre-payment online only)

Lesson from 6-7pm PLUS practice from 7-8.30pm

A step by step class for beginners/intermediate dancers.

Feel at home in our state of the art ballroom.

10 Session Pass
10 Class Pass (Pre-pay online only)

Dance class from 6-7pm and practice 7-8.30pm

Save by buying a block of 10 sessions

Can be shared by two people

Can be used for Sunday and Friday night social dancing.

40 Session Pass
40 Sessions (Pre-pay online only)

Dance class from 6-7pm and practice 7-8.30pm

Only $16 per session each

Share the pass with your partner

"Dancesport Kingdom has great staff and friendly social dancers, who encourage each other" Helen

Got questions?

The Sunday evening Social Dance event at Dancesport Kingdom is perfect for couples. There is no dancing with strangers, and no changing partners - you learn and dance together with your own partner. There is plenty of time to master the dances as you come along each week, and a program designed to maximise your dancing practice as you learn. Gents are best to wear slacks and a shirt, and ladies, slacks and a skirt or dress for dancing classes, and comfortable dress shoes. Dance shoes are available at a very reasonable price from the studio.

"We both feel DK is a fixed part of our life and has brought us so much happiness – through the social dancing and great friendship and been a great learning experience which has greatly enhanced the latter stages of our lives." David and Joanne