What you get!

In less than two minutes per day - for six days - you will learn the six dances you need to be on the dance floor non stop at your next function - and have partners lining up to dance with you! National Champion dancer and Principal of Dancesport Kingdom Monica Fincham, takes you through each dance - step by step - and you can view the lessons over and over until you feel confident. Why 6 dances? Well, having been to lots of functions where dancing takes place, we at Dancesport Kingdom have found essentially six different rhythms in music that bands or DJ’s play. So - you’ll need 6 different dances to suit those rhythms. In these SIX FREE ONLINE in your home DANCE LESSONS - you’ll learn how to identify those rhythms and then how to match the dance to the rhythm. Then all you need to do is ask someone attractive to dance and impress! (By the way - ladies can ask too!)

What you'll learn.

Modern Waltz

This is a beautiful romantic slow dance to music that has three beats. It’s sometimes called the Bridal Waltz.

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Jive (Rock n Roll)

Jive is an upbeat rock n roll music that gets your feet tapping and makes you want to dance! Theres ALWAYS a rock n roll music bracket at a wedding or function - so when you hear that music take your partner and here’s what to do.

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Salsa is a Latin American rhythm with loads of syncopation - the rhythm is addictive! There is a lot of leading in this dance.

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The dance of love. This is THE slow dance to do with your favourite partner at the end of the night.

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Social Foxtrot

This is a beautiful romantic slow dance make your think of think Michael Buble and dinner dancing with your love.

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Fast paced and can be done to most top 40 music. You’ll dance this one mostly as the music (and the night) speed up!

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