Goal setting as adults.

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We are all told to set goals and work towards them throughout life. Most students who walk into DK Dancesport have a goal in mind - to dance at a wedding, on a cruise, complete an award examination, get more confident socially, meet people or compete and win! One of our values is for you to achieve YOUR GOAL, which is why we offer so many different ways to learn.
However, after nurturing so many students over the years - some who smash their goals and some who give up - here's six reasons why some don't achieve their goals.
1. Being committed. Because of everything you cram into your day, between work, family and social life, it is easy for certain goals to get pushed to the wayside. And while it's virtually impossible to say this isn't going to happen, being aware of this happening is the first step in committing to achieving your goal. Try setting aside a few hours a week to work towards a particular goal and before you know it you'll be halfway there and fully committed.
2. It's only a fantasy.  All goals begin with a dream, but it needs to be more than this in order for you to think of it as a goal you are going to achieve.
When our brain thinks about goals we often focus on the positive, the fantasy, or we dwell only on the negative, all the things that can go wrong and everything that you hate about your current situation. If we dwell on stepping on peoples toes or making a fool of ourselves - we'll struggle to achieve our goal.
3. Focussing only on the result.  It's easy to get caught up with what we want to look like (Dancing with the Stars) and ignore what we look like on the way there (possibly awkward and feeling uncoordinated). Reward yourself mentally for each step mastered, and remember all the steps together go to making a dancer.
4. Procrastination . Who doesn't procrastinate - right? Apparently - scientifically - when we procrastinate about a task we've yet to start - we focus only on the negative aspects (feeling awkward, stepping on someones else feet). Is that what's stopping you starting?
5. Lack of practice . Like anything new - the more we do it the better we become. Dancing is no exception. Those who achieve their dancing goals see a teacher at least once a week and spend some time practicing in the meantime.
6. Expecting instant results. Even though we know we couldn't beat Federer at tennis when we start tennis coaching - most hope to be twirling and gliding along the dance floor after their first dance lesson. That's not realistic and it can prevent you from persevering. Remember - good dancers make it look effortless - but it's not.
"The students who achieve their goals have far less talent and far more GRIT - that is determination, perseverance and a passion for life and what they are doing. Never give up."

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