Friday Night Socials – by Cassie Tucker

Friday Night Socials


At DK, we're all desperately missing the Friday Night Socials! With any luck we'll be back in the Studio once more... Until then, Ballroom Instructor Cassie Tucker shares some of her fondest memories...


Friday Night Socials: The highlight of the week!

I love DK’s Friday night socials. I often notice that the more advanced people get, the less they appreciate the social aspect of ballroom dancing. Personally, I find socials provide the perfect opportunity to dance my favourite dances for fun and burn off the stresses of the week to great music. Plus, at DK we definitely have the most fun and quirky people that make up our social crowd!

Progressive dances are the absolute best for catching up on everyone's week, with details delivered in short snippets of conversation over the course of several dances. I get to fawn over Sharyn’s newest Review dress, her “cheeky” purchase of the week. Irina has the best party dresses; Jen Jackson makes the teachers black uniform look spectacular. During the progressives, Frank will always say something along the lines of: “even if I was blind, I would know who I’m dancing with by how cold your hands are!” People hate my cold hands in Winter, but they sure appreciate me during Summer.

There are always familiar faces: Sue and Robbert are always at the studio early to prepare the fruit and greet everyone with their smiling faces. Simone gets everyone up to dance and offers to partner anyone in need while declaring, “I can dance boy or girl!” Roni is so dedicated to her medal routines that if she has no one to dance with, she will dance them herself. Robyn and Mark put us all to shame with their energetic rock and roll dancing. Bill has the best ties. Neville always insists on dancing the Crunch with hands on hips. Natalie and Andrew do the most bizarre finger dancing (if you’ve seen it you’ll know what I mean). And who can forget Fred’s famous Strawberries?!

All this, and at the end of the night, I am still in awe of the people in the “Inner Sanctum” who still have the energy to stay back for snacks and a chat after an entire evening of dancing!

I could honestly say I have a fond memory for pretty much everyone who attends the Friday socials but obviously could not list them all here. However, the best part about DK’s Friday night socials can best be summed up by the vibe. If you ask anyone how they are doing, the answer is always along the lines of “I’m great now that it’s Friday and I’m dancing!”