Slow Foxtrot – Running over each other in Luxury Cars

Slow Foxtrot - Running over each other in Luxury Cars

There is nothing quite as mesmerising as a beautiful Slow Foxtrot. That smooth, buttery, movement across the floor; an exercise in flow and grace. When danced with proficiency, Slow Foxtrot becomes almost ethereal in its demeanour.
Foxtrot is often referred to as the dance which is closest to normal walking. “Walking with Style” is the phrase often used to describe it, and this label is derived from the passing steps which make up the majority of the dance. The steps themselves are generally straight forward to learn, but it is the timing of the dance that proves a challenge for most people. Once the timing of the steps is mastered, it can still be difficult to reach that level of smoothness we associate with a skilful Slow Foxtrot.
The flowing movement of Foxtrot comes from our use of the ankles, knees and hips. Our “suspension” if you like. And what has better suspension than a luxury car?
The key to a smooth Foxtrot is channelling your favourite luxury vehicle. Think of yourself as a Mercedes, Bentley or Audi, and imagine yourself driving across the floor in the smoothest car ride you can imagine. If you are the Man going forwards, imagine you are running over your partner in your BMW. When the Lady is going forward, run that man over in your Porsche. Power and style is what gives Foxtrot its signature elegance, so treat every dance like the smoothest, dreamiest car ride you can imagine.
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