Flexing your knees in Ballroom dancing.

How to correctly flex your knees in Ballroom dancing - especially to avoid knee pain!

Flexing or softening your knee joints well is essential to becoming a great Ballroom dancer...


But you need to make sure this doesn't create undue wear and tear, or knee pain.

When flexing your knees make sure that your knee flexes right over the top of your big and second toe, that it neither bends towards the other knee, or out to the side towards the little toe. This may take some practice initially if you find you don't naturally flex this way.  But if you master this you are more likely to develop the large thigh muscles correctly for dancing, lead and follow more accurately, and become more smooth in your movement.

Here's a quick video to help you create the correct flex with your knees.


Monica Fincham is the owner of Dancesport Kingdom and a former National Dancesport champion and competitive Ballroom dancer. 

"Correct rise and lowering gives the Ballroom dancer that magical look of floating along the dance floor"


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