Dumb things Ballroom dancers do – by Jennifer Jackson

Jennifer pictured achieving an Award.

Dumb things Ballroom dancers do.


DK Ballroom Instructor Jennifer Jackson writes about Ballroom Bloopers!


"Dumb things dancers do - or more likely, Dumb things I have done

There was the time that I turned up at the ballroom dance studio with my two shoe bags, both only containing a left foot shoe?
Still not sure how that happened, but you definitely can’t dance with two left feet! Grabbed a pair of shoes from lost property (I’m sure they were men’s dance shoes) and on with the dancing!

One another occasion, it was an Awards day and too late I realised that I had left my ballroom dance skirt at home.
That’s when you need a friendly and supportive community like we have at DK. One of the girls immediately lent me her skirt as she came off the floor.

At a Dancesport competition, my dance partner and I had both changed into Latin shoes and I had changed into my Latin skirt. As we were watching the next lot of dancers come onto the floor I suddenly realised that I recognised them all.
Sinking feeling, confused look, were we supposed to be out there too? Oh yes, we’d somehow misread the schedule and thought that we’d finished our ballroom dances. Not so.
The judges were fabulous as they waited for me to quickly pull on a ballroom skirt over the Latin skirt, run down many steps, around the edge, and onto the dance floor, just in time to wipe the silly smiles off our faces and do a serious Tangoette.

And then there was the time…..

I could go on and on with all the dumb things but the message is, we all do them, and I know for sure that I will keep on doing them.
You know you will laugh about it later.

Keep on dancing"