The ‘Diamond’ topline …from the practice journal of a professional Ballroom dancer

diamond topline

What is the Diamond Topline


Creating a wonderful space for your partner to dance in remains one of the main challenges for gentlemen as they learn to Ballroom dance.  One useful titbit my partner received was to create a large diamond shape with his head, elbow line and base of spine, and to make this diamond as large as possible.  (As we ladies love large diamonds after all!)

Therefore the shape created is



                                                             ELBOW                                                ELBOW

                                                                                     BASE OF SPINE


Keep your head high, your elbows wide and your base of spine pointing down to the floor to create the largest diamond you can.  Then, check everything is lined up by backing up to a wall and making sure your base of spine and back of head rests against the wall (your elbows will be slightly forward of the wall).  This creates a wonderful Ballroom dancing topline for her to dance within.

Monica Fincham is a former Professional Ballroom dancer and owner of Dancesport Kingdom in Lilydale.  








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