Dancing with the Stars vs Dancesport/Ballroom


Dancing with the Stars vs Dancesport

So Dancing with the Stars series has been as popular here as anywhere, in particular as the show is jam packed with glamour, emotion and a fair dose of titillation that make up all the ingredients for a high rating TV show.  

But how much of what you see actually reflects the learning to dance and competitive Dancesport/Ballroom dancing experience?

Here, I peel back the layers and reflect on the similarities and differences between participating in Dancesport, and being a pro or ‘star’ on Dancing with the Stars.


💃There’s a strict and respectful Dancesport competition rule about how far a competition leotard is allowed to ride up!

💃No one holds up score cards after you dance in a Dancesport competition.

💃Dancesport coaches do not wear skimpy workout clothes, but rather choose attire respectful to their students with the understanding they’ll need to get really close and personal (and possibly share sweat!)

💃If you and your Dancesport partner fall when training, it’s unlikely you’ll break out in laughter!

💃Dancesport couples do not do lifts, in fact there’s a rule that one foot must remain in contact with the floor at all times. 

💃We don’t wear latex, and the men do not wear see through shirts (or take them off)


💃Dancesport competitors also wear the most amazing costumes bedazzled with diamantes and flowing fabrics

💃 Dancesport ladies also wear glamorous high heeled dancing shoes that make their legs look long and lean ….(even if they make dancing more difficult)

💃Dancesport competitors are also forever scrubbing off and then putting on a new layer of fake tan (and their sheets are permanently stained)

💃 Dancesport competitors also form a close friendship and bond with their coach, who’s always got their back and gives them tough love when they need it 

💃There’s also quite a lot of sweat exchange for a Dancesport competitor with their partner

💃Sometimes a Dancesport competitors hand goes somewhere embarrassing on their partner’s body - especially in practice

💃Dancing well involves a lot of rehearsal and practice

💃Dancesport is addictive and one of the most fabulous, creative, emotional and fulfilling activities you can do. 

Monica x