Dancing is a Partnership – by Cassie Tucker

Dancing is a Partnership

DK Instructor Cassie Tucker looks at how dancing is a partnership and getting around the floor is not entirely the man's responsibility...

Can I learn a dance or become a better dancer by sending my husband to lessons alone?

Maybe; if your husband is training to become a dance teacher?!… But the short answer is NO, you cannot learn a dance or become a better dancer by not attending your own lessons.  You might be surprised how often this idea comes up when couples are learning to dance together, and is a misconception that usually arises when the term ‘leading’ comes into play.

There are a few reasons why this style of learning does not work; the first being the amount of pressure that is placed on the Man to not only learn his own steps, but those of his partner.  That’s twice the knowledge to retain!  Also remember, that dancing is not just about steps, it is about poise, movement and responsiveness.  Despite what Ladies may think, these qualities are not naturally inherited just because you are labelled the ‘follower.’  These skills need to be trained in.

The second reason is that teachers have an understanding of what both roles are supposed to look and feel like. Your partner does not.  If something is not working, your teacher has the experience to troubleshoot the issue.  Despite what is commonly said, not everything in dance is the Man’s fault!  If a Man could be responsible for every action the woman takes, then ballroom dancing wouldn’t be a partnership.  It is important for both dancers to receive personalised information about becoming the best dancer they can be.

And finally, when have you ever enjoyed being lectured by your partner about your role in anything?!  Switching hats from ‘life partner’ to ‘dance partner’ is not as simple as you may think.  If you really want to learn how to dance, learn from an expert whose feedback you are willing to respect!